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Overseas Student Health Cover Quote - OSHC in Australia | Allianz Global Assistance - Looking for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)? Allianz Global Assistance Overseas Student Health Cover (formerly OSHC Worldcare) provides cover for hospital medical treatment, prescription medicines, emergency medicines & more. Visit us for more information.

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  • Errol Icsel - A Collection of Acoustic Amaranthe for the...Collector

    Amaranthe(the band song writters: Olaf, Elize and Jake) has done live acoustic sets on occasion. I had most of this material from the extended Amaranthe first album, and couple other singles releases. However, Splinter In My Soul is one their best songs, and it seems odd that it was a B-side. So, considering that this is a mostly acoustic album, it's done nicely and I wonder why all the acoustic versions aren't here. However, some may not have any of these tunes, and really enjoy the acoustic versions, so I have to give this the highest marksin gathering them together. This is a mere mp3 release for the collector, and I only needed 4 of the 8, so I'm happy which is what counts. One stop shopping for acoustic Amaranthe.

  • John - Cheaply made mop that is unusable

    This is probably the cheapest "Mop" i have ever seen. I almost broke mine trying to scrub my floor with it. The cheap aluminum put together mop is extremely unstable and scrubbing floors is impossible with it even though the swiffer is made to scrub on the sides. It's worthless unless you get a better swiffer mop at the store, and if that's the case then don't waste your money on this kit. I ended up just using my normal mop since I could clean the floor better with it.

  • Daniel Dacruz - Great Buy!!

    Its been several years since I started to play volleyball and this ball has been on my "to get" list for quite a while.....Mikasa is def a synonym of quality and satisfaction....product arrived impeccable...and on the estimated date. Iim very glad with my purchase!!

  • sdatl - Used as a primer which worked well

    I bought this product to be used as a face primer to be used before foundation. I knew from previous reviews that this product is full of silicones so that's why it makes your skin feel so smooth instantly, however since silicones are not good for your skin long term and can create a barrier to prevent other products from really soaking into the skin I try not to use it very much. But if you use it as only as a primer, I think it works well. It instantly smooths your skin and creates a nice surface for foundation.

  • Matthew T Runner - Lightweight, rainproof, fits great, but zippers...

    This outer rain shell is awesome! It fits exactly as advertised and has great waterproof properties. I've only had to treat it once in the half a year I've owned it.

  • Amazon Reviewer - I now use this exclusively and find that it is non-greasy and good for summer and winter

    Having spent so much money on expensive department store sold brands, my allergist suggested that I use this specific brand due to my occasional outbreaks. I now use this exclusively and find that it is non-greasy and good for summer and winter.