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  • Michelle Wilson - If you can get past the smell then this lotion is amazing.

    I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the feel of this lotion. My skin feels rejuvenated and moisturized after using it. That being said, the fragrance is less than desirable! I honestly can't even begin to explain the fragrant odor this lotion has to it. I will say, once you apply the lotion the scent does not go away! It lingers on for what seems like an eternity..and not in a good way. My first time using it I immediately jumped back into the shower. My English Bulldogs, who are very gassy, even gave me a strange look when I used this lotion. They wouldn't come near me. It saddens me that the fragrance isn't better than what it is because the lotion itself is wonderful. It has a luxurious, thick, creamy feel to it that actually feels great on my skin. I did receive this bottle at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • hudman - Positive experience from consummated order to completed installation

    The purchased mud guard (flaps) were shipped and delivered promptly. All along the process, the vendor notified me of the shipment and I was able to locate the status by the assigned tracking number. The vendor additionally provided (easy-to-follow) installation instructions via e-mail and promptly responded to any related questions and concerns. Such attention brings recollection of Good Customer Service where seemingly less now than traditionally before. Total installation time for all four guards could be within 20 minutes. I took a little longer by removing each of the four wheels and marking the surfaces for the speed / spring clips with a felt tip fine point pen (Sharpie) to ensure the guard and mounting points were concentric to provide the appearance of a original purchase or after market installation. The supplied mounting screws easily fastened to the car by hand and highly recommended as fastening is to non-metal surfaces. Use of a power electric drill is unnecessary. Overall, I rate the experience successful and positive.