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PAGB for OTC medicines, self care medical devices and food supplements - PAGB is the UK trade association which represents the manufacturers of branded over-the-counter medicines, self care medical devices and food supplements.

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  • J. Knutesen - Surprisingly effective...

    I own a 2003 Honda Accord. A few years ago, the engine light came on. I had the dealership run the code and it came back as decreased efficiency of the catalytic converter (P0420). They said this is not entirely uncommon for that model and not to get too concerned just yet. They reset the fault code and it came back the next day. Three days later, the light turned off on its own. Now with approximately 182,000 miles, the light came back on. I took it to my local auto parts store and borrowed their code scanner (saved $70); again it was P0420. I told them I wanted to wait and watch it for a while. They suggested I run a bottle of Mr. Gasket Cataclean though the system. I had never heard of an exhaust cleaning fuel additive, but decided to give it a try. It was the same price there as it is on this site. The directions say to run the fuel down to a quarter tank, add the solution, drive normally 10-15 miles, then refuel. Based on some other Amazon reviews I read, I decided to modify the technique a little. I let the tank get a little lower than a quarter and added the stuff. I drove about 25 miles in third gear (about half of it on interstate highway at 72 mph - 5,200 rpm). I refueled and went home (about a 1/2 mile). I watched the engine light on my way to work the next day, and after 12 miles it went off. I have driven another 60+ miles since and it has remained off so far. Keep in mind that the fault will not auto reset with many makes, like it does with Honda. I have read undeserved negative reviews based on misunderstandings in that regard. The product manufacturer recommends running 2-4 bottles per year, so if the light comes back on, I will run another bottle before I start thinking about replacing the cat.

  • Thomas Daly - A little boost

    There may be a small flaw, but so what? Thanks to me having this game, I was able to learn how to play some of the card games Hoyle doesn't have. In addition, this game comes with an MP3 player. This way I can download files via amazon.com and listen to them as I play. I gave it 5 stars so I can hopefully give the average review a little boost. Overall, I think it is well worh the money.

  • Amazon Customer - It seems the developer has lost interest

    I have been using Living Cookbook for ten or more years and have purchased several updates on more than one computer in that time. I STILL USE IT EVERY DAY and am still happy with it.

  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't Work!

    Doesn't work! Took as directed, 2 before drinking and 2 before bed with a glass of water. I only had 4 drinks and still woke up with all the normal symptoms of a hangover (headache, nausea, jitters, anxiousness)

  • Jimo52 - Great floor mats!

    These look great and fit perfectly. Exactly as described. Heavy duty and they don't fold or roll up when you get in or out.