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  • Scottie Mom - The fleas were bad this summer

    It works some what. The fleas were bad this summer. We usually do not have serious flea issues. The winter was mild and the summer was flaming hot, so all the bugs were out in force, including fleas. I was wanting to find a natural product to keep fleas away. I had to go back to my other method...peppermint soap shampoos and Advantage flea meds. I did spray Wondercide in their kennel bed to make the fleas unhappy. ;)

  • Kellie J. Burk - Hate it

    I tried this as an upgrade from my Roxio pro and completely don't like it. It never does 720x1280 when you burn it on a DVD. I have a Sony HD 46in 3D tv and its just centers the video in the middle of the tv, which I hate unless a blu-ray does not have widescreen capability like the Star Trek: TNG or ST:Voyger (not recorded in HD). Stick to Roxio Pro for me.

  • Jerry Morris - I did a lot of research looking for a good toaster convetion oven

    I did a lot of research looking for a good toaster convetion oven,from $29. to $250.the higher end ones didn't seem to have any thing more than the lower end ones other than more bells and whistles...all I wanted was one that was easy to clean and would do a good job and last 2-3 years.. I ended up buying the Oster Digital Countertop convection oven #TSSTTVDG01..works great so far,does all they said it would...saw a few bad reviews..but think some were because of the peoples on fault...it was $69. + tax free two day shipping with Amazon Prime member ship. if I get 2 years out of it .I'll be happy as a pig in mud' or something like that..

  • Kimberly - exceptional item

    I don't know how we could have survived the past 2 years without this. IT is our sleep saver. We only use the light to let our 5 YO son know when he is allowed to leave his room to go downstairs. He was getting up when the sun came up and it was killing our sleep. This is a great invention and it WORKS! LOVE LOVE LOVE it !

  • Michael Dulle - Perfect!

    A terrific adapter that makes up for something that should have been built into the monitors. The monitor still wobbles some but it doesn't seem to be any more or less wobbly then when you use the stand that comes with the monitor.

  • Phil - Save your money for something better!

    Gave it a two star rating because the product is very difficult to work, being that the screen does not respond well to touch. Nor do pages scroll well too. You must use the stylus, otherwise you are practically hitting the screen for it to respond. I gave this as a gift, and what a disappointment for myself, and the person who received the gift. Although they are grateful and don't complain, I for sure would not be happy with this product. On second thought they did say that the battery only lasts an hour or so after a complete charge. We lowered the screen brightness to half, but it made little difference. As they say, you get what you pay for, so don't waste your money here like I did.

  • Laura Leiva (Letter Shelves Blog) - I recommend you to read the first one

    Harper Mclain is in trouble and this time she's involved in a case with her ex-boyfriend Detective Lucas Sullivan. Disclaimer: Amazon says that can be read as an standalone but trust me, I recommend you to read the first one, so you don't find yourself navigating in unknown waters a little bit at the beggining.