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  • Rosie - excellent aid for clammy hands

    VERY grippy. excellent aid for clammy hands. however it lost a star for frequents applications for longer pole workouts. lasted me about 20 mins. all around pretty good --also works good for other spots like back of knees, thighs, ankles.

  • Chuck in Texas - Throw Out the Norton!

    After a Norton installation sent me half way to the Funny Farm and locked up one machine three times, I decided that instead of going through the same thing on three more machines I would try a new product.

  • jenn b. - fun game, great gift.

    Christmas present for my boyfriend..he loves it, plays it often, and enjoys the little side games (guitarcade) that comes with the game. lots of great songs included. it was a great buy at half price. Im happy i could get him something he really enjoys that i could afford! Its a bit like rockband, which we own and loved playing, only more educational, but like i said, it is a lot of fun too, especially with the side games.

  • Kristina Barker - Feet planted on the Ground!

    I loved this book! I bought it after watching some videos and reading some articles about Earthing. I sat outside with my feet firmly planted on the ground while I read this book. Mr. Ober clearly explains how earthing works and why it would benefit us to get outside and enjoy the earth with our bare feet. I am usually barefoot and many times outside until recently when I moved. So now I am making it a point to get out there and enjoy the planet's benefits. My experience has so far been positive. I hurt my back at about the same time I started the book. I sat outside everyday for at least an hour, twice a day, with my bare feet on the ground. My back went from painful twinges when I would turn a certain way to feeling fine and unrestricted within a couple days! I have had two other recent back injuries (car wreck and fall) that drug out for weeks, so this was wonderful!! Whether it was earthing or a stroke of good luck, I enjoy sitting outside connected to our Earth. :0)

  • John F Kilpatrick - Science Backed

    This is an amazing book. The idea seemed so flaky to me that I would not have bought the book had I not been doing the sun gazing recommended at recommends doing the practice barefoot so I bought "Earthing." I was surprised that it is backed by what appears to be good research. I made a foil tape covered bed sheet and tried it. My wife has trouble sleeping and it made a big difference for her. I think I sleep well but with the grounding I sleep even better. We bought the conducting half sheet and it is very nice. We also bought the wrist straps. They are elastic bands with metal tabs on them that connect to ground. They are nice but I think velcro straps with conducting tabs could be easily arranged if you want to save money. We live in an old house with out grounded electric sockets. We have a hot water heating system so I just put grounding connectors on the water pipes. I tested it and it makes a good ground. I mostly go bare footed but I made huaraches, simple sandals, as described at . I made the back square and perpendicular to the outside edge. That way I can put the aluminum tape on the bottom and fold it over the back edge and under the bottom for grounding. I have not put on the foil yet. These are great. I wear them places where bare feet are not allowed. They fit in my back pocket so they are easy to carry if I want to have them handy. Not quit as nice as bare foot but much more comfortable than shoes.

  • Aaron A. Kent - good jacket

    Good jacket, I find that these jacket's ride a little on the short size for torso length. The medium is too big but the length is good, the short fits quite well but rides slightly high on the waist. Being about 5"11 155 lbs makes me around average so I figure they could size these a bit better for an outdoor "activity" jacket, but all around worth the money. . . . .

  • Jacob - Perfect fit!

    I just installed it for my 2013 CRV. Perfect fit. You need to read the instruction first, then check which is front and which side is right or left because the rails are not parallel.