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Park Avenue Dermatology | Dermatologist in Orange Park, Jacksonville, FL - Park Avenue Dermatology offers medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatological services in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Fleming Island, FL. Call us at 1-904-541-0315.

  • https://www.parkavedermatology.com/about-us/ Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Specialists | Jacksonville, Fleming Island FL - We are a team of certified dermatologists providing treatments for skin cancer, mohs and other skin problems in Jacksonville, Orange Park and Fleming Island, Florida.
  • https://www.parkavedermatology.com/services/skin-cancer-jacksonville/ Skin Cancer Dermatologist | Mohs Treatment Center in Jacksonville, FL | Skin Cancer Surgeons - Our experienced dermatologists at Park Avenue Dermatology diagnose and treat all the major types of skin cancers in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Fleming Island, FL. Contact our cancer surgeons now!
  • https://www.parkavedermatology.com/services/dermatology-jacksonville/ Professional Dermatologist in Jacksonville FL | Park Avenue Dermatology - At Park Avenue Dermatology, we have trained dermatologists to diagnose and treat diseases of the skin, hair, and nails serve Jacksonville, Orange Park and Florida areas.
  • https://www.parkavedermatology.com/services/aesthetics/ Cosmetic Surgery Jacksonville FL | Park Avenue Aesthetics - Revitalize your look with a variety of skin care treatments like Aesthetics, Cosmetic Surgery provided at our dermatology clinic in Jacksonville, Orange Park & Fleming Island.
  • https://www.parkavedermatology.com/services/research/ Advanced Dermatology Research Center | Orange Park, Jacksonville, FL - We are involved in cosmetic dermatology research for new skin surgery treatments using advanced medications serving Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Fleming Island, FL.
  • https://www.parkavedermatology.com/find-a-location-dermatologists-in-jacksonville/ Find a Location | Park Avenue Dermatology - Park Avenue Dermatology is fully staffed with certified dermatologists, a Mohs surgeon, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, technicians and aestheticians.
  • https://www.parkavedermatology.com/contact/ Best Dermatologist in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island Florida - Whether addressing a dermatologist issue or projecting a more youthful appearance, we help you achieve the best results you desire serve Jacksonville, Orange Park, Florida.
  • https://www.parkavedermatology.com/shw_team/dr-mary-schmieder/ Park Avenue Dermatology | Dr. Mary Schmieder | Board Certified Dermatologisty - Dr. Mary Schmieder is board certified by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, the American Board of Emergency Medicine, the American Board of Pain Medicine... Read More
  • https://www.parkavedermatology.com/shw_team/dr-karthik-krishnamurthy/ Dr. Karthik Krishnamurthy | Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island - We offer non-invasive skin-tightening Thermage treatment to restore a younger and more natural appearance of your face in Jacksonville, Fleming Island & Orange Park.

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  • D. P. - Good Product and Good Price

    I take niacin in order to raise my good cholesterol (HDL), and to lower my triglycerides level. This product does both of these things for me. In my opinion, immediate release niacin such as this product, is the smartest form of niacin for my purposes. It does what I want done, and is, in my opinion, the cheapest, most effective, and the very safest way to do this. Immediate release niacin does cause a flush. But understand that if you don't get the flush, you probably won't get the desired benefits. You wouldn't buy a sports car, and then have the motor removed so that it won't go fast. With a sports car, the thrill of going fast is probably the reason you buy the product. With niacin, you have to have the flush, if you want it to do for you what you buy this type of product for in the first place. As with other niacin products, immediate release niacin could somewhat raise your average blood sugar level, and it could possibly effect your liver. At least, this is what I've read. It hasn't bothered me.

  • M.Clay - ... started sharing pictures of these brushes or a brush like this. (Note

    ****Attention**** To all of you women that have been eyeballing one of these when FB started sharing pictures of these brushes or a brush like this. (Note: after doing my research, the one being sold on FB is an expensive piece of crap. Never buy anything without reviews!)

  • P. Michael - I like how it rotates internally and changes the colors with ...

    This little disco light works surprisingly well. I like how it rotates internally and changes the colors with the beat. I bought this at a discount for my honest review.

  • JustAWaffler - Mixed review

    I bought one of these wafflers after doing more research than the subject warrants, I'm sure. My local mom&pop carry this line so I purchased it from them. The first waffler wouldn't heat up out of the box so I exchanged it - so far so good with the replacement. This would be a 5-star review if the first unit had worked and if the "Belgian Waffle" recipe wasn't such a waste of supplies.