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  • Amazon Customer - I need book 2 already!!! Amazing ❤️❤️❤️👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

    This book was amazing! I started reading the shade of vampire books because I love vampire stories! After I finished the first book I feel in love with Bella's writing and kept going. I read the gender games and now I am hooked to this series too!! Bella has done it again. She made me fall in love with the characters... Again!!!! Violet is this amazing strong girl who lives in a world she dosent agree with. She gets into some trouble and has to participate in a secret mission. The story between her and Viggo and lee.... Left me wanting more!!! The end of the book was so insane I seriously am counting the days until number two comes out. Bella is such an amazing writer and cannot stress enough how much you need to read this book! Incredible.....👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼❤️❤️❤️

  • Sandoval - Fast result!

    2 weeks ago, I started using the orogold eye serum and saw the results in just 5 or 6 days! This anti-aging product has impressed me! The skin on my eyelids has become tighter; the fine lines have been reduced. That's the result I was trying to achieve because I was keeping getting news wrinkles around the eyes. Another thing I like about this serum is that I have noticed a gradual disappearance of the dark circles I often have due to fatigue. I recommend this serum to everybody who has the same problems as I have!

  • Striving for Fair & Balanced - Humidity not accurate. LCD quit functioning 2 days into it

    I need to keep my humidity levels good since I just adopted a parrot, so I bought this to use as a hygrometer to measure the humidity in our house. I did a salt test to make sure it's accurate, since I've always been taught you must calibrate hygrometers. The salt test consists of putting salt in a bottlecap about 3/4 full, pouring in enough water to moisten the salt but not enough to have standing water and then enclosing the bottlecap with the salt mixture in a sandwich sized ziplock bag along with the hygrometer, seal it up and let it sit for 24 hours. It should read 75%. I expected a variance of 2 or 3%, however, it came up as 86%. I retested the next day using a different ziplock bag and got 81%! It should've been the same. I was going to calibrate it by subtracting 6 degrees, but low & behold, it can't be calibrated. So then I decided to put a sticky note on it reminding me to subract 6% from the reading. So three days after receiving it, I sit it out in my living room hoping to have a reading by the time I get home from work, only to get home and see that only 1/2 the LED display is working. I changed the battery and same result.

  • Buda Family - Best Shaving Cream!

    My husband became an Art of Shaving fan about 2 years ago. However, for us to visit the nearest store, we have to plan an entire day, as it is an hour and a half away in a very busy mall with terrible parking. I knew I could order from the store's website, but with Amazon's pricing, I would be a fool to do so. This shaving cream has a very rich lather, and only requires a dime sized amount (with a badger brush) to shave my husband's head, face, and neck. This container lasts him 6 months with daily use. His skin has cleared up since using it, and smells wonderful.

  • LadyP - Class Glass which Lasts

    This is the most delightful gift to give, it will twinkle and give lasting joy every year, and is a ready made family heirloom. Unlike some of the poor quality decorations that flood the market, this is pure class glass and with its great triangular box will also look quite mysterious when wrapped. I am just about to order another one for myself as I was so envious of my recipient !!!

  • Eric - Nothing But Frustration and Disappointment

    The best part of this game is seeing the few minutes of cinematics. No, seriously. Just save your money and watch the cinematics on YouTube.