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  • the_big_cuban - Best drawing program for the money

    My review is from the perspective of a professional artist in the entertainment industry. I first used Sketchbook when I purchased a tablet PC a few years back to take full advantage of the tablet's capabilities. I was blown away by the drawing interface and how natural it felt. I have used Photoshop and Painter extensively and was really impressed at just how much better it was to draw using Sketchbook. With this new version running on a MacbookPro and a cintiq I am even more impressed with the new tool set and capabilities. For illustrating, doodling, making visual notes, storyboards.... this is my preferred tool. I still use photoshop for more complex color work, but since Sketchbook exports and opens PSD files they work great together. Autodesk has really created a simple but effective tool for artists which is very easy to navigate. I highly recommend this program for professionals as well as students. This is the best program for drawing I have ever used.

  • abeal - Cannot withstand hummidity

    If it rains in your state, I would not recommend this product to hang pictures on walls. We live in Oklahoma, not that humid, but we had one good rain and everything in our house fell off the walls.

  • Harriet Pimmel - Helpful ideas to choose the right online business

    Learning about generating passive income is so useful now a days. If you could identify your skills then a reliable internet access and your capability to give service are enough to generate extra income through online business. This book consisting of 30 strategies and ideas to start an online business will be very helpful for you to acquire financial freedom. You will get the most efficient suggestion to choose and start the right online business for incoming passively as well as achieving financial freedom.

  • Steph - one of the better 'dad is superhero' books

    Heart-warming tale from kids' perspective about how his dad is the superhero. I Liked that u included such 'superpowers' as teaching kids about telling the truth, eating veggies, and showing this dad playing w his kids while also juggling job that takes him to china. nicely done!

  • Jennifer Goad - Another great flavor from a great product line

    I have tried several of these flavors and this one is pretty good. It's harder to mix with other stuff (I sometimes like to add frozen fruits to the chocolate flavor) but other than that it's great. It tastes great hot too!

  • sonny feliciano - Easy setup. Awesome compartment.

    Fit perfectly. Easy installation. Love the compartment, fits my Droid Turbo 2 (5.5 inch screen) with a case, perfectly. Also holds our ezpass snugly (switched cars, haven't purchased new pads to mount the ezpass to the windshield yet, so we have to hold the ezpass up. If hitting multiple checkpoints, this compartment comes in handy) I'd definitely buy again when switching cars, and will definitely recommend to friends.

  • Just Me - Don't waste your money

    This thing stopped working after 4 uses even with fresh batteries.. It seems to hum along okay although I didn't notice much relief from my knee pain. I still think these things can work, so I'll order a different one, but this one is for the dogs. Well, no, don't use it on your dog.