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Pomi-T The Original Polyphenol Rich Food Supplement. - Pomi-T, the original unique blend of purified herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits squeezed into a capsule in order to boost your daily natural polyphenols.

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  • http://www.pomi-t.com/nature-medical-supplements/ Evidence Based Food Supplements by Nature Medical Ltd - Nature Medical Ltd - natural evidence based food supplements including essential fish oils and healthy probiotic and prebiotic bacteria.
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  • http://www.pomi-t.com/what-are-polyphenols/ What are Polyphenols - What are Polyphenols? These are natural plant-based chemicals found in healthy foods. They come under the broader category of phytochemicals.
  • http://www.pomi-t.com/reported-benefits-of-polyphenols/ How Polyphenols Could Work - The most commonly cited anti-cancer effect of polyphenols is via their anti-oxidant properties protecting the DNA from oxidative damage from carcinogens.
  • http://www.pomi-t.com/asco-pomi-t-study-summary/ Pomi-T Study Abstract - ASCO Pomi-T Study Abstract, a double blind, placebo controlled randomised trial (RCT) evaluating the effect of a polyphenol rich whole food supplement.

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  • Jeanne S - Great for traveling the USA BY highways.

    We travel around the country a lot and this has been very helpful to us. It is quicker than using a cellphone. It tells you everything as far as businesses, gas, food, hotels, rest areas, etc coming up on INTERSTATE HIGHLY ONLY. We wouldn't be without it. Our first one from 2010 was spiral bound, but I couldn't find it that way anymore. This one is regularly book bound. It's very helpful for planning as well.

  • Haley M Townsend - Pretty good but not a cure for my chronic pain

    Pretty good but didn't work miracles for me. I have a lot of pain--24, with arthritis, congenital spondylesthesis, multiple areas of back pain and a shoulder impingement that hasn't gotten better with PT. So I wasn't expecting the pain to all go away, but there definitely was a noticeable reduction in my shoulder and neck pain for a few months. My husband likes it, and sleeps much better than on our old crappy mattress before. Our dogs and cat love it lol. We do like it a lot! I am on the heavier side so that might explain why it hasn't been as wonderful for me as some others with chronic pain.

  • BellaLea - A great fantasy romp

    I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this foray into the supernatural. Shifters? Check. Fey? Check. Wizards? Check. Phenomenal cosmic powers? Check. Cheeky and irreverent dialogue? Check. All swirled together with a fast paced tale of forgotten lore, magical secrets, villains, feisty heroes and a healthy dose of humor. I am so hooked and eagerly looking forward to the next installment.

  • Jennifer - If you have hard water, you need this.

    This is something I've been using for years. I came to Amazon to check out the bulk price, and I'll definitely be ordering a 12-pack once my current bottle gets low. I live in an area with HORRIBLE hard water, so I keep stocked up on this and water filters. Every time I change out my filter, I will use this to tackle any buildup on the sinks and shower doors and toilets. I also soak the shower heads and sink sprayer.