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  • wonderful wedges - Everything everyone should know

    This book confirms everything I have researched. I was having serious issues with gas and bloat after eating meals. Particularly after lunch and horrible by night. Then it evolved in to reflux. Then I started to get this horrible sharp annoying pain under my left rib that radiated to my back. I went to a GI doc and was told I had IBS. Really? I had no bathroom issues except the occasional upset stomach but gas and bloat was the symptom. I was put on Zoloft, an acid reducer and an antispasmodic for my pain under my rib. I researched and found out about SIBO, the SCD and BETAINE HCL. It turns out we all lose the potential to make this as we age. We don't grow more hair, hormones or muscle as we age so why more acid? This pill saved my life. I wasn't digesting my food. It was sitting in my lower intestine and fermenting causing bad bacteria which out weighed the good I was taking. The pain in my side was gas.

  • Amazon Customer - Good mini razor

    I bought these after reading a blog on dermaplaning and then watching Michelle Money's YouTube video. Before then, I really had never even noticed the blonde peach fuzz on my face so I was not bothered by it but since dermaplaning is supposed to be good for cell turnover, I decided to give it a try.

  • Sean S. - This is the best 55" 4K TV for the price.

    As an Apple guy, I never thought I'd say I like anything from Samsung but I LOVE this TV!! I'm glad I went with a 4K television. The picture is sharp and the blacks are deep and rich. I splurged and went with the 55" option. I paid $900 from one of the big box stores and that's honestly the best price for a 55" 4K TV that's actually a quality television. I also didn't think I'd need a smartTV option since I have an Apple TV but I haven't turned my Apple TV on in weeks. The built in Netflix and HBO Now is simple and easy to use and they stream great! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the smart remote. At first, I didn't think it would be a very effective remote but it's more than I ever thought it would be. I controls the TV, my cable box, the Blu Ray player, and my Apple TV (if I need to use it). The smart remote eliminates the need for four different remotes and it works great!

  • Carter - Great product! Great Company!

    I run, hike, camp a lot, this is a great safe solution for securing your keys so you don't have to take them with you. I had a issue with mine and their customer service is awesome. They personally called me the next day and talked me through the solution to my issue. Very happy with the product and company.

  • Luigi - Initial blade changing is horrible - screws/jib bolts are incredibly bolted in.

    As this was the first time I bought a thickness planer, I wanted to know if it came with blades with it or if I had to buy them extra (They did come with the unit). The instructions for replacing the blades were easy enough, and there was a video I watched in order to change the blades.

  • Jason Hilton - Great for the price, but a few gripes for the espresso aficionado.

    Firstly, for the beginner or average espresso drinker, this machine is superb and an unbelievable value for the price. I've had no issues with leaks. Also if you're going to buy a espresso machine, make sure it's pump driven...Don't fall for those ~$30 steam powered coffee incinerators.

  • Carmine Guarino Jr. - It does what it is says..

    As long as you take your prep work seriously, which is not a lot but still somewhat time consuming, you will be pleased with the results. I had to cover an 85 year old tub and tiles that were painted with regular high gloss paint, what a PITA it was to clean off years on paint and decades of filth. I couldn't be happier with the results.