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  • Sandra Stone - Works great!

    Very adjustable. Material is holding up well. Comfortable to wear, supports back well! I received this at a discount for an honest review but this is worth the full price!

  • Alexander Yelle - Great Value!

    This was a very useful purchase. I was in need of lands and this box gave 20 cards of each types of land (plains, swamps, mountains, forests, & islands). There is a great variety of cards when it comes to sorcery, instant, and creature cards. I got a few rare cards and was very happy with the number of uncommon cards included. I didn't anticipate using anything but the lands from this kit, but use quite a few of them in my most active deck.

  • Gil Adams - Wonderfully entertaining story!

    There was plenty of mystery and tension. A really great plot, with good development of characters and excellent, believable science. A solid first entry into this genre.

  • Robin - I am very happy to have a book guide me through in this

    This book is quite short and yet very detailed and instructional. It actually contains all the necessary meditation techniques i would be needing. It also gave me hint on how to start meditating too. I am very happy to have a book guide me through in this. It is really awesome.

  • S. Cain - Lots of practice!

    The only way to really get better for the LSAT is to practice as much as you can. The great thing about this book is it has lots for you to do and it explains what is going on. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 out of 5 is b/c you can get plenty of sample tests online for free so that negates a lot of the benefits in my opinion. Still it is worth getting if you are on your own and want something that gives you more than just a correct answer.

  • Dr. John M. Hoyt - I see there are only two left. You better buy them before I do!

    My wife told me, "We can't afford to get these cables". I responded with, "We can't afford to NOT get them".