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  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/category/bodybuilding-powerlifting/ Everything there is about bodybuilding and powerlifting - Our bodybuilding-slash-powerlifting category focuses on the latest information and news concerning the new techniques and trends in those subculture worlds. We discuss powerlifting records, past and future olympia winners and the new supplement and training techniques used
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/why-bodybuilders-big-guts-distended-stomach/ Bodybuilders with Distended stomachs (big guts) - Since the emergence of bodybuilding drugs other than steroids, you can see many bodybuilders showing the typical big guts, or distended belly if you want. Is it a coincidence they have such huge stomachs?
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/how-spot-steroid-user/ How to spot a Steroid user - 5 clues - Wondering if the guy benching 400 pounds at your gym is using roids? Five clues to help spot and recognize an anabolic steroid user right away. Don't be fooled by false advertisement
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/what-best-zinc-supplement-should-take/ What is the best Zinc supplement to take - There's dozens of different forms of zinc supplements on the market and you might be wondering which one is the best or which one you should take. An analysis of different forms, chemical formulas, brands and so on.
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/harmful-dangerous-side-effects-zinc/ What are the Side Effects and Dangers of Zinc? - Zinc has been associated with many health benefits over the years but unfortunately there are negative and unwanted side effects to zinc supplementing. Can it be harmful?
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/benefits-effects-zinc-supplementation/ The Benefits and Effects of Zinc supplementation - A quick unbiased review on the proven benefits and positive effects of supplementation with zinc. Mild zinc deficiencies are common throughout america and you here we till you what you're missing out on (hint : natural anabolic hormone production)
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/right-dosage-zinc/ What is the recommended Zinc supplement dosage - A detailed explanation on the recommended ideal amounts of zinc to take in the form of supplements. Find the right daily dosage your body needs.
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/natural-sources-zinc-food/ Natural food sources of Zinc, an essential trace mineral - Rather not use supplements? There are plenty of natural sources and types of zinc-rich foods that provide great amounts and concentrations of zinc for your need
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/what-makes-body-leak-zinc/ What causes Zinc leakage in your body? - A list of foods and habits that cause zinc mineral to leach or leak out of your body. Avoid depleted zinc levels, don't take diuretics like alcohol and caffeine
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/best-type-magnesium-supplement/ What is the Best chemical form of Magnesium Supplement - Decided to supplement with magnesium? There are so many chemical forms on the market : chelated, citrate, oxide, and so on. Find out which form is the best for you. Don't spend fortunes on B.S. hyped up types of supps.
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  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/2013/07/09/longest-homeruns-mlb-baseball-history/ The biggest homeruns in MLB history - Bombs - Blasts - Find out what is the true distance of the longest and biggest homeruns hit in Major League Baseball (MLB) history. A list of many 500+ upper deck blasts.
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/2013/07/02/is-alpha-brain-safe/ Is the Alpha Brain nootropic safe? - Just heard about the new Alpha Brain nootropic stack? Is that supplement safe or dangerous.. find out if this stack gives negative side-effects.
  • http://www.pwnfitness.com/2013/06/13/does-alpha-brain-work/ Alpha Brain - Does it really work - Alpha Brain is a natural nootropic supplement sold by Onnit (Marcus Aubrey and Joe Rogan). Does it actually work and is it legit? See my personal review

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    I have used this product line for many years (10+). I have tried many other brands but this one with its simplicity and high level of pure retinol does what it is supposed to do- remove fine lines and wrinkles. The price point is great compared to those other brands. I also have very dark under-eye circles on some days, and the eye gel improves the dark rings on contact which is amazing. The slight scent of this face cream is light and beautiful. Most importantly I see great results after using it for only a few days (I am 43 years old.) Bought the eye gel and this face cream for my mom who was complaining about her complexion. She was happy with the results as well. Her skin looks smooth and fresh and the under eye lines are dramatically improved.

  • Annika - Skeptical at first but now I'll never go back!

    After my dog brought home fleas from the dog park and spread them to my two cats earlier this summer it has been an ongoing battle to get our house back to its flea-free state. All pets are on Frontline which helped for about a month or two, then I started giving them flea baths but nothing was getting rid of them for good. I was skeptical that something so simple as an all natural spray could help me rid my house and my pets of these pesky fleas but even just two days later no one is scratching and I haven't seen any live fleas! I've been spraying all pets twice a day with this stuff and soaking their bedding and favorite spots with it as well and it really seems to work!!

  • HedgeMan - Nice printer, u may need to hunt for USB driver

    I gave 4* because printer with USB interface came with COM & LPT drivefr CD. Luckily, I found a POS80_EN windows 64 driver on the net some where and it worked. If not, I would give it 5*

  • Michael E. Miller - Intuit's strong-arm tactics - nice... real nice

    I am very happy with QuickBooks Pro 2007. I don't want to upgrade to 2010. Up until now, I have had no compelling reason to do so. However, I just went to send an invoice to a customer and I was informed that as of May 31st, Intuit will no longer support e-mailing invoices through the program and I have to upgrade to the latest version to continue doing so. Nice. Real nice. It left me with the same feeling in my gut that I had in the first grade when the class bully told me he was going to kick my butt at recess.

  • Raymond Greg Eddy - Product

    Just as described and ordered. Arrived quickly and was well packaged. I followed this products directions so i could find my energy again in life. I found it and there were a few extras thrown in. I lost 8 total pounds and the discomfort I have lived with in my joints for years has all but gone away. I will be repeating this at least twice a year.

  • B. Sorensen - Better than expected on our Laminate Hardwood!

    I received this for Christmas and finally got to use it the first time tonight. I read previous reviews and completely swept the floor first. Our entire house is "hardwood" laminate, a lighter oak color.