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Renove Seguros - Renove Seguros: Empresa do Grupo Itavema que atua há mais de 18 anos como Corretora de Seguros, trabalhamos com as principais companhias do mercado.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Susie Darling - Disappointing to say the least...

    I had an old version of a Hallmark Card Studio that worked on my windows XP OS and I loved it. I was able to create ANYTHING with it. This HCS is worthless in comparison. Yes, there are many extra graphics and fonts at my fingertips, but it doesn't offer as many projects as it claims and adding text and setting dimensions is a real pain. I'm glad I didn't spend more than $13.00 on it, because it's worth far less and at least I didn't break my wallet as much as Hallmark has broken my confidence in their product.

  • baby pookie - NON STICK-I THINK NOT

    They must have changed the product or something because when it first came out, nothing stuck to it. The dull non stick side had writing on it and it was well worth the money. As the years went by, more and more food stuck to it and this evening I used a new box that has no writing on the dull side-aka nonstick side-and the writing is gone but so it the non stick ability. I made chicken wings tonight without any sauce or anything really sticky and I could not get the wings off the wrap without the top part completely sticking to it. I think I will just use the regular wrap and spray it with a non stick product as this is definitely not heavy duty nor is it non stick. I am really disappointed. I gave it three stars just because if you use it like regular foil and don't expect much-it is okay. I think Reynolds needs to go back to the drawing board with this one.

  • Daniel - NOT as good as can be, especially when you're paying top $$ for a top $$ with a supposed top reputation

    had some issues with it, was clearly not fully functional, Had been stuck with misc. problems connecting, loosing volume, or simply cuts out, connects on and off. even with firmware updates, didn't help. I ended up buying one retail locally after 10 months, and it didn't have any of the issues. Go figure. Maybe it's the vendor that's selling refurb? that we don't know about.

  • Sarina - I love Just Dance and we buy them every year for ...

    I love Just Dance and we buy them every year for each one that comes out. But the 2016 version is the least of my favorite, Im not liking the whole subscription deal. I'm not going to pay monthly just to dance to a game. Since we have young children that play this (8-13) it is pretty difficult for them to start a game because of all the different tabs and menus and things like that. We hardly even play the game, only when family is around and thats only twice or three times a month! Xbox Live is already enough.

  • Yaniel Gomez - Go to checkout and buy it. Don't think.

    Just buy it. This is great. A bargain. My MacBook Air loves it. Fast with a cool design; it doesn't look cheap at all like the price suggests. I'm a truck driver, so I use it more then average, so trust me it's good.

  • K.J. Dogluv - IT WORKS

    Well, this particular container was broken/open when I received it and all over the box and all items in the box were covered with powder...but as for the product itself, I know it works, I've used it a few times in the past. It's rather annoying to use, but once down, yeah, it gets the fleas, alright. Try not to breathe it in. Remember to grind it into the carpet with a broom or your shoe or whatever, and remember to LEAVE IT DOWN for several days before vacuuming it up. A lot of it will remain down in the carpet fibers, don't worry. I like to have this on hand, so I ordered the big container which would treat my 600 sq ft apt 2 or 3 times. It kills fleas, ants, almost any bug that gets near it. It is not toxic, I mean unless your pet licks a bunch of it up, but they will not (probably) die. It's for carpet so... if your pet licks the carpet that is a separate issue! It's a little bit less "fly-away" than diatomaceous earth, which is a different substance and a finer grain powder. It's guaranteed, so try it.