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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy by Dr. Rob | BHRT | Renue Health - Why accept aging and all its potential problems? Call us right now at 937-350-5527 to learn how to prevent physical and mental deterioration through Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

  • http://www.renuehealth.com/testosterone-replacement-therapy/ Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Men - Low T Treatment Center - The number of men diagnosed with “Low T” has grown dramatically in recent years due to an increasing awareness of the importance of hormones including testosterone in a man’s health and well being.
  • http://www.renuehealth.com/bio-identical-hormones-for-men-and-women/ Bioidentical Hormones for Men & Women | Hormone Replacement Therapy - Why accept aging and all its potential problems? Prevent physical and mental deterioration through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. BHRT is a safe, effective way to restore your vitality.
  • http://www.renuehealth.com/autoimmune-diseases/ Autoimmune diseases affect up to 50 million Americans - Examples of autoimmune diseases include Gluten Reactivity, Celiac Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Graves Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Adrenal dysfunction, Addison’s Disease and Diabetes
  • http://www.renuehealth.com/traumatic-brain-injury/ Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI, Concussion Treatment With Hormone Therapy - Results of recent and ongoing studies have made it clear that brain injuries like traumatic brain injury (TBI) pose substantial risk to pituitary function, multiple hormones and overall health and wellness.

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  • Serious User - A hole in one

    My wife and I have been using Thermos Stainless King travel tumblers for a couple of years now and we love them (except for the peeling paint). Unfortunately, they are too small for use with Iced drinks and have no opening for a straw, so I was looking for something bigger. We tried the Alladin double walled plastic Mason Jars, but they didn't hold ice very long. After looking at several stainless steel alternatives and reading raves about the Yeti, I decided to try a more reasonably priced alternative, so I bought the 30 ounce Kryo Cup. At the time I bought it (May 2, 2016), the price had dropped from 24.95 to 22.95. Shortly after it went back to 24.95 but now, about a month later it is over $40.00 for some inexplicable reason.

  • Steve Bagley - but it seems like it would be good for night hiking or running

    This is the headlamp I have been looking for. It is lightweight, seems rugged, fits well, and was priced reasonably. Also it uses just 1 AA battery. This is a huge plus for me. I keep AA batteries handy, but I have had trouble rounding up 3 AAAs or the right CR battery. I got it mostly for working on things, but it seems like it would be good for night hiking or running.