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  • FloridaSteve - Great Chlorine Tabs

    Great Chlorine Tabs for the money. Ordered the 50lb bucket on Monday, received my order on Tuesday (1-day shipping at no additional cost). These are individually wrapped, standard 3-inch chlorine tabs consisting of 98.6% Trichloro with 90% available stabilized chlorine. I was a little concerned about tabs being broken during shipping but out of 100+ tabs, only 4 were broken. Unlike other chlorine purchases I have made in the past, NO Moisture & Odor elimination packets were found with the chlorine in the bucket. Down here in Florida, it's an issue during storage.

  • M. Bower - just okay so far

    It's a bit early to leave a review, but the company sent me an email asking for one. This was for my hubby to use & he's only used it a few times so far. He said that the first time he used it, that it made his gums bleed & become sore because he had it turned all the way up. He also found it was a little difficult to keep it from spraying all over & adjusting it at the same time. The second time went a little better since he knew what not to do that time & the third time was better yet. So I am giving it an okay now & after a month or so I will update this.


    I bought this product at my local Pharmacy as a last ditch effort to help my horrid allergies to my kitty and pollen, mold and dust. I have tried everything homeopathic and then some more without lots of relief. I don't believe in chemical solutions and LOVED the simple, powerful ingredients in the nasal ointment. I CAN BREATHE AGAIN!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY TO FEEL BETTER. No sneaky additives have been added to ONLY 5 ingredients...and I read in so many health books about benefits of grapefruit, lemon balm, cayenne pepper. The price is excellent, too.

  • Jeano - I have very fine hair and using this after I wash and towel ...

    This is a product I've been using for years. I have very fine hair and using this after I wash and towel dry my hair helps me comb it out, keeps my hair from frizzing and gives it a little sheen. I only use about a dime size for shoulder length hair. I DOES NOT weight my hair down at all. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • Carol G. - It's okay

    I haven't noticed a difference yet, my skin is pretty clear but I bought this in the hopes that it would exfoliate my face a little more than it does. I've been using it daily. It smells clean, which I love!