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  • Colleen - Easy to install, even for the non-handy folk

    I am NOT good at assembling stuff and was able to install this tv mount by myself in about half an hour. The mount is a very simple design and the instructions are good enough. I did use some heavier duty metal anchors instead of the plastic ones provided, but probably an unnecessary precaution. The mount is very stable.

  • Diana - Great for postmenopausal facial hair!

    I used this as a facial razor to get those pesky postmenopausal hairs taken care of, Bonus! The exfoliation that hapoens when I shave has given my skin new life. Really love these! I use it on my face and neck.

  • chris jackson - better than O.E.M.!

    works great, actually has a better waterflow than O.E.M. fit was perfect and functionality is perfect. i will definitely be buying these from now on.

  • Kdwriter - I have been using this shampoo for close to 2 ...

    I have been using this shampoo for close to 2 years. There was something wrong with this bottle that I got from Amazon. The shampoo is really watery even after shaking the heck out of it. And, it smells awful. Hopefully, the next bottle is normal.

  • K-mart Manager - Not Impressed

    I have nothing but trouble with product from the day i put it on, heaps of programs not responding every thing running slow as soon as i uninstalled it every thing was fine very disappointing after the pump up reviews

  • Susan Baroncini-Moe - French Vanilla is super versatile and we used it in cookes!

    I bought this whey because my husband and I were drinking a lot of smoothies and wanted to add some protein powder. I've tried a lot of protein powders and let's be honest - some of them are TERRIBLE. This one, not so much. I actually really liked it. We got the French Vanilla flavor and it dissolves well and makes a fabulous smoothie. We even used it in a recipe to make some cookies (recipe found in 17-Day Diet book).