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Inpatient Mental Health Clinic | Roxbury Treatment Center - Roxbury Treatment Center is an inpatient mental health clinic that helps those suffering with mental illness and substance abuse issues.

  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/admissions/payment/ Mental Health Treatment Center | Payments - If you would like to make a secure payment to Roxbury Treatment Center for your mental health services, please fill out our form.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/contact-us/driving-directions/ Driving Directions | Mental Health Clinic In Shippensburg, Pa. - Located in Shippensburg, Pa., Roxbury Treatment Center is a mental health clinic that deals with mental issues and substance abuse.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/employment/ Mental Health Careers | Jobs - If you are interested in mental health career opportunities at Roxbury Treatment Center, please check out our job listings.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/contact-us/contact/ Contact Us | Roxbury Treatment Center - If you would like more information on the mental health treatment services provided by Roxbury Treatment Center, please contact us.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/general-info/meet-our-senior-leadership-team/ Mental Health Counselors | Meet Our Leadership Team - The team of mental health counselors at Roxbury Treatment Center are caring, compassionate and eager to help our patients improve themselves.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/general-info/our-mission/ Mental Health Services | Our Mission - Our mission at Roxbury Treatment Center is to provide our patients with mental health services that are guided by our key principles.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/general-info/faq/ Roxbury Treatment Center | FAQ - Our Frequently Asked Questions page can help you learn more about the mental health facility at Roxbury Treatment Center.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/general-info/patient-satisfaction-survey-results/ Mental Health Clinic | Patient Satisfaction Survey - Roxbury Treatment Center is a mental health clinic that is dedicated to the satisfaction of our patients when they are receiving treatment.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/admissions/admissions-information/ Psychiatric Hospital | General Admission - With admission available 24 hours a day, Roxbury Treatment Center is a psychiatric hospital located in Shippensburg, Pa. that is always ready to help you.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/admissions/key-features/ Psychiatric Treatment | Key Features - To assist our patients with their mental illness or substance abuse problems, Roxbury Treatment Center offers a variety of psychiatric treatment services.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/admissions/payment-options/ Comprehensive Psychiatric Services | Payment Options - Roxbury Treatment Center has different payment options available to our patients for our comprehensive psychiatric services.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/programs/adult-inpatient-substance-abuse-program/ Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment - Roxbury Treatment Center provides inpatient substance abuse treatment, which includes detoxification, rehabilitation and treating co-occurring disorders.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/programs/adult-inpatient-psychiatric-program/ Inpatient Psychiatric Care for Adults - Roxbury Treatment Center, located in Shippensburg, Pa., offers comprehensive inpatient psychiatric care to our adult patients.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/programs/outpatient-substance-abuse-treatment-program/ Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment | Rehab - The intensive outpatient treatment that Roxbury Treatment Center offers is designed to help people who struggle with substance abuse.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/programs/adolescent-inpatient-psychiatric-program/ Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment for Teens | Mental Health - Our inpatient psychiatric treatment for adolescents is specifically designed to help teenagers who are suffering from mental health issues.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/virtual-tours/roxbury-shippensburg/ Mental Health Facility Tour | Roxbury Treatment Center - Take a virtual tour of Roxbury Treatment Center, located in Shippensburg, Pa., and see the accommodations we offer at our mental health facility.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/virtual-tours/substance-abuse-unit/ Substance Abuse Treatment Unit | Roxbury Treatment Center - If you would like to learn more about the substance abuse treatment unit at Roxbury Treatment Center, please enjoy our virtual tour.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/virtual-tours/psychiatric-unit/ Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Unit | Roxbury Treatment Center - Roxbury Treatment Center, located in Shippensburg, Pa., offers you a view of our inpatient psychiatric unit through our virtual tour.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/resources/video/ Mental Health Facility | Video - To learn about our mental health facility, please enjoy a video about Roxbury Treatment Center.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/resources/substance-abuse-self-assessment/ Self Assessment | Substance Abuse Evaluation - Roxbury Treatment Center provides you with a substance abuse self assessment which will help you to evaluate if you should seek immediate help.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/resources/drug-fact-sheet/ Drug Facts Sheet - If you would like to learn more about substance abuse, we encourage you to check out a drug facts sheet provided by the National Institute of Drug Abuse.
  • http://www.roxburyhospital.com/resources/resource-links/ Substance Abuse Treatment | Resource Links - On this page you will find a list of resources that can help you learn about mental health issues and treatment.

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