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  • LaRae - I LOVE this product

    I LOVE this product! I'm about to turn 40 and live in a sunny climate so it's important to me to take great care of my skin. However, I have extremely sensitive skin so finding a great moisturizer has always been a challenge. This summer I was noticing more lines around my eyes, and sun spots on my forehead and nose. After using this product for just a week I noticed my skin was brighter and healthier looking, and it seemed to reduce the sun spots a bit. The SPF 30 is a fantastic feature and I apply generously on my face, neck and chest area before applying my makeup (sometimes also to the backs of my hands). I've recently starting using the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair EYE cream at bedtime and in the morning, in addition to the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair NIGHT cream. Using all 3 products together I do see a difference in my skin and love it!

  • Erin - Works -- but you need to do your part, too!

    This pill isn't meant to take over diet, it's meant to supplement it. If you're not losing weight fast enough and you think you're doing everything right, it's worth it to give SlimQuick a try. It got me through my plateau with surprising results. I've lost 5 pounds this past week alone, and I'm within 5 pounds of my goal weight -- pretty impressive for being in the last stretch. I'm not saying it will work for everyone, but if you are a woman who regularly struggles with water retention and hormonal issues (that's me!), this stuff should not only help you lose pounds/water weight, but should give you more energy and improve your mood, as well. I feel a lot happier and more positive while on it. I'm due to have my cycle any day now, and normally I'll gain 4-6 pounds in this time frame -- not on SlimQuick! :)

  • Love my Amazon Prime - For any supervisor's library

    Excellent book. A necessary addition to any supervisor's library. It puts very difficult concepts into simple, legally defensible language for appraisal as well as negative performance reviews. I bought this on paper to put in my office shelf as well as on kindle so I have it with me wherever I go!

  • Tiffany - Just okay....

    I used this product morning and night for four weeks and at the most, the only thing I have noticed is that my face feels a little softer. However, it smells terrific and a little goes a long way. (The instructions call for using a half dropper per application which is what I did.)

  • Jerry Ricks - Disappointed.

    Not at all what I expected from the writer who has become my favorite producer of fiction. A number of distracting typos. A window rattling explosion causes the hero to rush outside to investigate, but is never mentioned again. Several other loose ends.

  • Larkin - One of The Best Gaming Mice Out There

    Took a little bit to get used to the weight, but the best performance of any mouse I've had ever! 1 to 1 click response time and it just feels so raw. Got after seeing a review from adreN and lvlcap and now I love it. I came from a logitech g500s and it was a great mouse. The scroll wheel was getting broken and the response time does not feel as good as this one. I noticed immediately my awping in CS:GO improved just because I could shoot when I wanted to. If you don't want something this light I'd recommend the zowie fk1 or the steel series rival but this a great pic as well.

  • Miranda Baxter - Caution - not for sensitive kitties

    I'm having to return this product. Merely days after placing this on my cat, it had to be removed because it was causing sores on her neck. I took her to the vet to make sure that was the problem and the vet agreed that she was having a severe reaction to the collar. I have heard wonderful things from many people about these collars and I had already purchased 3 more for my dogs; we will see how they do. My cat is an indoor, mature/senior (12 year old), long haired calico cat, so she may just be more sensitive in her older age.