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Sea Mar Community Health Centers - comprehensive health and human services in Washington State. Medical Services, Dental Services , Behavioral Health Services, Preventive Health Services, Long Term Care Services and affordable Housing and Community, Education and Service learning.

Country:, North America, US

City: -79.9791 Pennsylvania, United States

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  • Nathan H - Difficult to hold

    This knife was unfortunately not made in the US. This is my first and biggest gripe, but it is a solid, well-built knife. The locking mechanism is simple to use one handed and securely held the knife during my numerous kayaking trips this past year. Overall, the knife is slightly shorter than I would prefer for a rescue/emergency knife. I have smaller hands, but the small handle still makes it hard to grip the knife.

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    I love the booty belt, I really love it because as a athlete is allows me to work my glutes without having to strain your knees like when I do squats

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    Razor works fine but its Philips Norelco HQ56 [triple] heads had worn out = become blunt in just 4 months,and Replacement = one triple headed (1 count) costs just $2 less than whole shaver (all parts together) with this [triple] Heads (1 count)!!! And after I've just bought that Replacement I found out that its tax was about $2 too - so NO DIFFERENCE if you buy whole shaver or just heads-replacement - PRICE is approximately THE SAME!

  • J. W. Henry - really works

    For some reason, whenever I go to the doctor and they take blood, I am left with the biggest and ugliest bruise.

  • Karen L. Barrett - My First sound amplifier

    This was recommended by a guy who sells hearing aids. It is what he wears. I looked at amplifiers years ago when they were $200 and up and decided I would wait. In some ways I am sorry I waited but I bet I would not have liked the older versions as much. This works really great. I have had 25 - 30% loss my whole life and with the unit on lowest setting it is like a new ear! Comfortable, affordable, very small. The charge lasts 45 hours and the whole thing is easy to travel with.