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  • SAURABH BHATNAGAR - Excellent Product at an amazing price

    I was not sure of ordering this product after reading few reviews listed here. I still went ahead and ordered 3 PCs version for my 2 laptops based on my personal experience with McAfee products and the amazing low price. Received in time and in perfect condition.

  • Niki S. - Great Wall Mount - Good for Larger TV's

    First, let me start by stating that I regularly review products and, in return, I receive them at discounted prices. With that said, I will say that I actually DO use all of the products that I review or, if purchased for someone else, I ask them for their opinion of the product so you are getting an honest and unbiased opinion of the item that I purchased.

  • Connor Burnett - Has all the hits

    If your one of those people that really only wants the songs that you would hear on the radio then this is the album you want to get. I grew up on these songs (I remember when I first heard "Feel Good Inc." for the first time and I was blown away) however, I never was interested in buying their actual albums because I just wasn't that big of a fan. This album totally did the trick as I got all the songs I love plus extra hits. Getting into Gorillaz also got me into Damon Albarn's other band Blur which is different but still great in its own way. If there is one thing I must warn you about is that many Gorillaz songs are an acquired taste. Even on this record, there are still songs that I easily cannot get into and I just pass them by. Its all really a matter of opinion and I still overall, recommend this album.

  • Music Lover - Love the AOS stuff

    Love the AOS stuff. I am a redhead with sensitive skin and have used this product for over a decade. This tub lasts forever and fully supports the cost. Lasts much longer than traditional creams.

  • John G. - Kinks easily and overall NOT happy.

    Hose kinks easily and frequently. The first time I used it, it kinked when I was pulling some hose across the cement while washing my car. Right where the kink was dragged the cement and made the house start leaking the very first day I got the hose. This hose is in addition to other hose that I bought over 10 years ago and still none of them have ever leaked. I feel taken and would never buy another product like a hose on the web without being able to lay my hands on it to determine it's quality first.

  • Darqin'd Yurdae - WHAT THE WHAT?

    Despite the countless hours, days, months and perhaps years this researcher spent investigating the need and the economical ramifications to the Greater China region, he missed one important feature... round or elongated?