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  • Bajan Chick - Don't buy it

    Well I bought this Gazelle just over a year ago. I wanted something cheap but I definitely got what I paid for. I liked the work outs..I was really overweight (though much less than the max 250 lbs) and just beginning an exercise program and needed very low impact.Well that it is..no resistance at all. But I liked just going and going for about 2 hours and at least getting the heart rate up.I could not wear sneakers with the pedals since they kept slipping off dangerously so I did it barefoot which really hurt my soles and made them numb. I figured it was just me and the type of shoes I was trying to wear.Then there was also an immediate and loud squeak that my neighbours used to complain about and which no amount of lube or WD 40 would fix.But I needed to lose weight so I kept on going till one day,the metal attachment for the cable just popped...while I was gliding. Needless to say,a rather nasty fall happened and I hurt my ankle and foot. Now it is a rather expensive clothes rack just sitting there. My advice...save up to buy a proper elliptical and give this product a miss.

  • Charles B Shaw - Interesting, slightly demented, and terribly written

    MS King writes much as one might expect an 8th grader in the Hitler Youth to pen an essay about world history: his analysis is facile, disingenuous, and completely biased. In King's universe, the Evil Jews are responsible for absolutely everything that has ever gone wrong in history. Everything. No sane or rational thinking human would ever accept his version of history unless they too subscribe to the same (not so veiled) Antisemitism as King. And yes I'm afraid it is bigotry when you place sole blame on a single race of people and justify the horrible atrocities done to them. The Jewish people are no more responsible for the actions of the Rothschilds et al than the average American is responsible for the actions of the Fed. But King indicts an entire people rather than take the time to research a balanced version of history, for somewhere between King and the establishment historians is the actual truth. Of course, King could be dismissed outright simply for denying the Holocaust, the single most documented crime in history. Taking the oft-quoted approach by deniers of "why was the number of 6 million Jews in peril repeated in press" King insinuates that the whole thing was a hoax. Only an idiot living in a bubble would be so gullible....which is what King appears to be. And referring to the contributions of Black Americans as "degenerate art" reveals the deepest and most pernicious form of racism. I pity this man and how much hatred he must have in his heart.