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  • Matt Sandifer - High Quality Tracker that Works

    So far so good with these trackers. You do have to have the app on in the background for the phone finder to work at all. I have had little success with this feature but I will give it a pass since that isn't the main function of this device. As far as the locating the MYNT device I have not had any issue when BT is turned on.

  • ViraGirl - Best shooter I've played in my 14+ years of gaming

    Just finished up the campaign a few minutes ago. Best shooter I've played in my 14+ years of gaming. Almost tied with Uncharted 4 (campaign immersion-wise), but slightly better graphics than Uncharted 4!

  • Houston Rome - Works well until black ooze begins

    I loved the product. I have read others' accounts here and have a couple things to add. First, Belittling others' experience isn't productive. Just because you haven't had a problem doesn't mean they are misusing the product. Agree that overfilling the device is asking for problems. Most will figure that out. But the continual problems with the rusty, brown ooze from the blade mechanism is a source of major concern. Examples have been posted where the brown liquid does get into the food chamber and is a source of potential contamination with bacteria (food is getting into blade mechanism area that isn't accessible to normal cleaning processes). I do know how to wash and dry dishes and small kitchen appliances (most of my 50 years on this earth LOL!), and I have read the care instructions. This is a major flaw in the design. I am currently awaiting a response from customer service but will not use until I have a replacement. Bottom line is that no matter how well is creates smoothies, it's not not worth jeopardizing my or my family's health on potential bacterial or other toxic substance contamination.