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Studio Shazam – Post-Production Audio Video, Enregistrement, Mixage, Mastering - Studio Shazam, Genève. Studio d'enregistrement et de mixage, spécialiste de la post-production audiovisuelle à Genève depuis 1987.

Country:, Europe, CH

City: 8.1551 , Switzerland

  • VICTORIA MOORE - Buyer beware!

    The product was rancid/not the same product I bought in the past from myriad.com. My skin broke out terribly after using! Buyer beware!

  • Lizzy - jk lassers income tax 2014

    I like this book, I had purchased the 2013 copy at Barnes and Noble, I paid a lot more there but the book is very complete, has a lot of info which is easy to find, I'm a tax preparer and need to look up tax issues quickly at times, and this book works great for all my tax needs.

  • cdpell88 - This Game Makes Learning Fun (Take A Note, My Third Grade Music Teacher!)

    I absolutely love this game! Actually, I don't even know if you should call it a game... There are definitely games IN it, but there are also lessons to be undertaken and songs to learn. It's like a game and a really awesome music school teacher rolled into one. Like maybe Jack Black in that one movie where people trusted their children with Jack Black for some reason.

  • Amazon Customer - History novice view

    I read this book because I was interested in learning more about English royal bloodlines in a way that is memorable. This book will definitely help me remember who Owen Tudor and Queen Catherine Voiles were. I was also interested to know why King Henry VII was not considered of an English royal bloodline, now I know. If you are interested in learning who these people were in an interesting memorable way you will enjoy this book.

  • Amazon Customer - The cast is funny, but at times seem to ham it up ...

    The film was made very well. The cast is funny, but at times seem to ham it up in front the camera. Which can be a little annoying and just want them to move on to the next shot. Also some of the jokes were not that good, but I think the actors helped reigned them in. The editing seemed to help as well with some of the jokes. Timing is everything with a good joke delivery. The special effects were CGI heavy, but with some cool character designs and re-designs (slimer) I really likee how Holtsman's hair cut resembled Egon's hair from the animated series. A good little touch there. The plot moved fluidly and nothing to glaring in terms of plot holes. Overall a good re-vamping for a new generation.

  • promama - Worst experience ever!

    What we thought was going to be an easy upgrade has ended up shutting our office down. Timeslips 2012 links with Abacus and Outlook. Sounds wonderful? no, it has disabled our email and Abacus. When you call for support, Sage has decided to outsource their support calls to India. The people handling support calls do not know what they are doing. If you ask to speak to someone in the United States, they don't know what to do with that request either. This company offers 30 day support and you will utilize every bit of the 30 days to get support. After 30 days, you can either cry or pay $50 to initiate a call and $5 for every minute thereafter. Our office is still disabled and disappointed extremely.