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Home : Sister's Drug and Gift Pill Box Pharmacy - Sisters Drug and Gift Pill Box Pharmacy is a local independent pharmacy in Sisters Oregon.

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  • resonableshoelover - one of the best!

    I tried many do-at-home straighteners, and this was one of the best. My hair is wavy which is fine and fun in dry air, whereas in summer and rain it is all about frizz, frizz and frizz and miserable. This product does not make my hair flat boring straight but manageble, shiny, chasing away frizz! No damage was done. It is a bit more expensive than other products found at drug stores, but I am going back to this. It is worth it.

  • bjames - Not what inwas expecting

    The product itself smelled really good. Does moisturize. What I didn't like about it was it just seemed like salt in a jar and nothing else. Nothing to "hold" the ingredients together so it wouldn't just fall as i try to apply it to my body which made it hard to use. Although it did moisturize some it left my skin really oily and I still had to use lotion afterward my shower.

  • JRBH - Stunning!

    I buy these for my 6 year old Grand Daughter. I now have 6 of the Holiday Barbie's that I will give to her as a set when she is older. I started the collection when she was a Baby and now she chooses Barbie on her own. This will be a lovely surprise for her when we finally present them to her.

  • chente - Easy spells. Any beginner can do this!

    I am like a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge I can get. I love the "take a peek" option at Amazon.