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  • brian doyle - mine was out needed a replacement light as these are ...

    mine was out needed a replacement light as these are expensive I got this for my 3rd brake light , works as people look for this light I notice .

  • Love To Shop - Overall a great product to light up a walkway.

    Great lights for providing small amounts of light for a walk way. It could also be used if you just want a decorative light. I would not suggest this in place of an overhead light. I would then suggest a motion sensed light. I got these for a small walkway that has a motion sensed light on the porch, but these would add more light directly at the feet where the light from above would be obstructed by steps and plants. I slightly have them for decorative reasons too. I think if you are going to put that much time into making your walkway look nice with plants and decorations, why not add a little decorative lighting.

  • tedwards - No liking the changes

    What happen to this articles and tips on how to apply makeup or do hair.Or anything interesting ! All that is there is picture after picture after picture not worth it money !

  • suehwest - the how to manual of travel!

    Rick Steves is a wonderful guide to travel. He fills this book with everything you need to know when trying to travel abroad. He leaves no stone unturned! The book is filled with practical tips on planning your trip. Safety, money,reservations,trains, planes and automobiles are all included! A must buy for anyone thinking of planning a trip.