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  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/about/ Help Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer's | Smart Brain Aging - Strengthen your brain with clinically tested exercises that help prevent the onset and progression of dementia.
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/find-a-clinic-near-you/ Find A Clinic Near You | Smart Brain Aging - Please call 855-BSMART-0 to make an appointment at one of the SMART Memory Program clinic locations below: FIND A CLINIC
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/healthy-brain-aging-series-part-1-exercise/ Healthy Brain Aging Series: Exercise | Smart Brain Aging - Today, we kick off our series, Healthy Brain Aging, to arm you with the knowledge and actionable steps to help keep your brain healthy as you age.
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/benefits-and-limitations-the-use-of-medications-in-dementia/ Role of Medications in Dementia | Smart Brain Aging - Dementia, and its leading type, Alzheimer’s disease, are very scary and difficult topics because our mind is our most valuable resource. It is frightening
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/i-wish-id-seen-this-video-a-long-time-ago-it-really-helps-to-understand-whats-going-on/ I wish I’d seen this video a long time ago. It really helps to understand what’s going on. | Smart Brain Aging - This simple, straightforward animated video explains Alzheimer's disease in lucid, easy-to-follow terms.  

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  • Charlotte - Great Gift

    I purchased this item as a Christmas gift for my 12 year old grandson. I haven't used it myself, but he has reported to me that it is very easy to use and he is very happy with the product. I would recommend it.

  • Eve Wayman - Good beginning of a series.

    Historical fiction that shows us parts of history we either never learned or only scanned over in school are so fun. This weaves in history, Shakespeare, and dynastic family drama. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

  • Noah Boddy - WOW!

    I just tried my brew buddy for the first time and WOW, what a great cup of coffee! I put 2 tsp of coffee in the filter and let it steep for two minutes. It turned out great. I bought this for camping as it's a lot easier than dragging around a percolator and I'm glad I did. Backpackers rejoice!

  • CJmom - Strong Hair

    I used to use this all the time as a teen along with the conditioner. I decided to use it again because I remember how good it was for my hair. My hair is breaking off a little and this makes the hair stronger. So, here I am again using Mane 'n Tail. I think I will stick with it this time.

  • jp wolfe jr - Does not work, I used this yesterday, drank ...

    Does not work, I used this yesterday, drank nothing but water and juice for the last 2 days still failing the at home 3 panel.

  • dgatwood - What were they thinking?

    Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud is *not* an upgrade to Photoshop CS6. It's an entirely different model of software in which you are permanently beholden to Adobe, required to pay on an ongoing basis in order to continue to have the ability to open content that you created—content that you own. I understand why Adobe likes this model—it brings in more money per customer, at least from the customers who haven't already dumped their products in favor of Pixelmator and other competitors—but it's a lose-lose for consumers.

  • Amazon Customer - Well worth it for the money. You can't buy it anywhere cheaper, I promise!

    I bought them as a gift for my brother and I know he thought I spent double what I truly paid. It was a great deal. You figure 5 pans, 5 lids, for $10 a set, that's fantastic and it's T- Fal, which is a decent brand name so it's well worth it. It comes in a huge box. I was impressed and my brother was thrilled.