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Smart Kids Don't Do Drugs - A great resource and help for parents, teachers, and family members seeking information on alcohol and drug abuse by adolescents and pre-teens. The free Parent's Guide to Prevention is available in both HTML and pdf formats and contains useful information on prevention, parenting and recognizing the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse.

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  • Nisha - ... son is just over 20 lbs and fits really nicely in this seat

    My son is just over 20 lbs and fits really nicely in this seat. We have only used it rear facing so far, but it is easy to adjust and also ensure it is installed properly. I like how the strap covers are adjustable (the others we have had were not and it was uncomfortable for my son). He seems very comfortable in the seat and the reclining options are ideal.

  • David Crouse - For beginners only.

    It's a nice thing to get started with, but I hardly got much I could use to make a good deck with. This is for beginners, so beginners should only buy it.

  • Eureka Marijka - RUSTED -- and almost impossible to remove!

    I purchased this during it's inaugural year (2008). The owner was friendly and helpful when I called with questions, even supplied extra gaskets at no charge to fit my FJ Cruiser. It gave me great peace of mind during a 3-month trip through OK and TX, especially since it was little known and no one would've ever thought to look under the cap. Unfortunately, I should've removed it immediately afterwards instead of relying on it to hide my spare key, because it RUSTED! The pins are rusted, the latch is rusted, and there was rust on the inside of the rubber cap. The entire thing is currently soaking in a half can of WD-40 with a plastic bag tied over all. Wish me luck.

  • hyunki - good

    good Very forgiving irons that have knocked off some strokes from my handicap. I am thoroughly impressed with all the Machspeed irons, driver, and woods

  • Jodi Cain - Intense, Heartbreaking & HOT...

    This book has twists & turns that you don't see coming. I was definitely on the edge of my seat the whole time. Haley & Luke had been through so much heartbreaking stuff, that it wasn't fair to them. I still can't believe who the murderer was, to say that he was unstable & sick is an understatement. This book is very intense, heartbreaking, & HOT all rolled into to one book. Once I started this book I could not put it down literally. The ending I can honestly say had me bawling like a baby. If you are looking for a book that has it all, then look no further.

  • John Doe - Extremely small

    The product is extremely small, making it too small to pick up radio signals. I thought it was a bit bigger, but seriously, the antenna is about 3 or maybe even 4 inches long. Not long enough to pick up signals, but I am to blame for that I guess. I will have to go back and look at the product description, but the picture made it seem like it was longer then what it really is.