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San Marcos Equine - San Marcos Equine is a veterinary practice serving the equine communities of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties on the central California coast. Established by David Jensen, DVM in 1985, the focus remains on integrating horsemanship and wisdom with medical excellence for more than 30 years of private practice.

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  • Angie Nappi - I'm a sucker!!

    Wish I had seen these reviews before I bought this from a very pushy guy at the mall kiosk. He caught me when I was tired and hungry, and obviously not thinking clearly. Shockingly (haha) the price went from $119.99 to $20 plus tax. When I handed him two 20s, he tried to give me lotion instead of my change!! I finally got away from him after purchasing the facial peel. I went home to try it only to discover the bottle was empty after one teenie tiny squirt. I had to drive back to the mall the next day, despite 6 inches of snow, to get another bottle since they won't give refunds (surprise!!!) I was all ready to give him a piece of my mind, but the kiosk was unmanned so I just left my empty bottle and took a new one that I was hoping wasn't used as a tester. After all that, the product worked ok. Live and learn.

  • Mario S - A must have for the DAT

    This software is awesome. The abilty to set simulated conditions such as those in the real DAT are nerve racking but that is exactly how you should be preparing for the DAT.I knew I couldn't take the DAT without using Crack PAT having heard that it is the best thing to use for PAT. I was debating whether to buy the Crack PAT alone or the Ultimate bundle. Very glad I shelled out the extra $100 for the ultimate bundle though. You get Crack Math and Crack Science both of which I liked using in the simulated platform. If you buy the items seperately at a later point, will cost you much more. There was no software to deliver, the seller contacted me quite quickly and provided me with everything I needed to get started (very nice guy).

  • Zeng, Tian - very good deal!

    The style is exactly what I wanted. It's brand new and fits very well. I ordered size 50mm, because the degree of my lenses is pretty high. It arrived one day before the expected delivery date. Very good shopping experience, and very good product.

  • ChristmasCarol - Really a Great Transformer

    I gave this product 5 stars because I love everything about it. The product does a great job of covering like a foundation but with sunscreen in it. I use LaRoche Posay's Mela D with Philosphy's Booster C mixed together and applied under the Miracle Skin Transformer. At 73, I do not have one brown spot anywhere on my face(never been to the Derm to remove anything from my face). All are great products. You should try this regimen, it will make a huge difference for your facial skin. I get all three products from Amazon. The prices are great!!