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  • Amazon Customer - Love.

    Love. Love. Love these! You won't be disappointed! Haven't worn them yet so can't say yet on the quality and how long they'll last. Worth my $20!!!!!

  • brohammer - Decent Case, but Nothing Special

    I had another Speck case before this one, and this one was not that much better than the one I had before this. This case lasted me a few months, but eventually the rubber around the edges started to disintegrate and it just started to not look that great. That's probably all because I normally just keep my phone in my pocket, and all the taking it out of my pocket and putting it back in over and over again took it's toll.

  • Bill Heldman - Hard-Core Christians: You NEED This Book!

    Dr. Thomas Horn is a scholar's scholar. If you're a Christian who is looking for more depth of God's Word, and for linkages in history, mythology, and secret esoteric societies, this is the starting book for you. It's a tremendous read that you'll go back to time and time again.

  • MMHSecurity - Neat Desk Review

    I've read a lot of posts - a bunch good and bad. I thought it was good idea to give my opinion to help others decide whether to purchase this product. Altogether, this is a wonderful product! I had one issue with software setup, but tech support worked through it in about 5 minutes (at no charge - initial setup).

  • Jen Bartschi - Scratched...

    One of the pots had a scratch in the non-stick coating. I bought these as they have been higher quality in the past. I was disappointed.