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Orthodontist Winnipeg MB - Linden Ridge Orthodontics - Dr. Rana Shenkarow of Linden Ridge Orthodontics is your Winnipeg, MB (Manitoba) orthodontist providing Invisalign and braces for children, teens, and adults.

  • http://www.str8.ca/meet-dr-shenkarow Rana Shenkarow, DMD, BSc, MSc, FRCDC - Winnipeg MB - Linden Ridge Orthodontics - Orthodontist Dr. Rana Shenkarow is your Winnipeg, MB (Manitoba) orthodontists for children, teens, and adults. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Shenkarow today.

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  • Deimos - Garbage

    The music simply sucks, just shat out nu-rock radio. The biggest question I had was why are they mocking a bands greatness they will never have any hope of achieveing? Of course im referring to the cover art and stupid album title.

  • Amazon Customer - when I hold the cup in my hands it was super cold and sweaty not like my husband cheaper cup

    Not sure if I received a damage product. I got another brand for my husband and keep the ice and cold water for over 24 hours, no issues. With Yeti, the ice didn't last 8 hours in 72 degrees weather, when I hold the cup in my hands it was super cold and sweaty not like my husband cheaper cup. Returned and purchased the cheaper brand.

  • Josh and Kathleen - Great HDMI cable for extending the HTC Vive

    I purchased this cable to connect my HTC Vive to a PC in another room. This cable is extremely solid. It feels more like an extension cable than any HDMI cable I have owned in the past.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome bike! 54cm, 20 speed hill climbing machine!

    This Podium 4 is a fantastic bike. I had a podium 1 and wanted to upgrade to a better group set. Ultegra shifts very crisp and they look very refined. Better ergonomics when shifting with the STI shifters. This bike is fast and pedals with ease. It did come with pedals with clips. I have rode 30 miles so far and I can truly say I love this bike. Compared with other Ultegra setup bikes this one is the best buy. Did research comparing the 105 to the Ultegra and found that the price difference is worth it. This bike has reminded me how much I love to ride. I weighted the Pod 4 at 19.4 lbs.

  • Jeanine Constantine - Bottles Break and Product spills EVERYWHERE! 7 times!!! Serious Manufacturers Defect

    I actually like the product itself but the packaging is horrific! 7 times now the top of the bottle has just fallen off, as if sheared by a knife, spilling all of the product all over the bathroom counter, the floor, on myself and my clothes!(VERY difficult to get out- one stain remains. I have learned that you can NEVER use this product with clothes on! ) I have chronicled these events and sent pictures to Luminess Air. The first 2 times I was sent a substitute at no cost , but it just continues to happen. What good is a replacement, if that bottle may also do the same thing...?! As I sent more pictures of continued issues with the bottles, Luminess Air began to send bogus "canned" responses, suggesting I call Customer service (which I did and it was USELESS) or being told that it the product was purchased more than 60 days ago. So... - Does the bottle have a shelf life of less than 60 days?! Ludicrous!! It is clearly a manufacturers defect that they are refusing to acknowledge or repair or provide customer oriented customer service. There is NO way that any consumer could cause this issue to occur. OWN up to it, Luminess Air and FIX the problem!!!!! You have a good product but one doesn't know what's going to happen when you open up each and every bottle. I've asked for a representative to call me, but no response. As I read other reviews, Luminess KNOWS about this defect. Shame on them for not adequately and honestly addressing it. A true disappointment and NOT the level of service that they advertise.

  • P. Shawn O'meara - Fit just like a glove!!

    What a prefect match!!! They fit my truck so nicely and look really good. This way I can save my original mats from getting dirty.