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  • mmullis - It works

    I quit my accountant last year because of the time involved rounding up all the data he required, and because of the money spent paying for his time. I keep track of my receipts and tax documents, then enter the numbers into TurboTax. I now spend less time and less money doing my taxes, and get great results. I use this for my S Corp 1120S and K-1s.

  • Gerald Rimaldi - I told them I am throwing this stuff in the garbage with all the other fake stuff

    One day I find his 60 pound box outside my door. I open it and its Supple. I never heard of Supple and I never ordered it. They billed my credit card $126.00. I contacted the company and asked how did they get my credit card number and address and that I wanted a refund. They said if I return the product when they get it they will refund my money. I told them I am not lugging a 60 pound box to the Post Office and paying a fee to return it never to know if they will indeed refund my money. I told them I am throwing this stuff in the garbage with all the other fake stuff. I contacted my bank, had to change my debit card because now there we fraud on it. I believe this fraud came from within the Supple company, as I had no other fake charges on my account. It is a pain in the butt to get a new debit card as I knew all of the numbers on my card by heart. I believe this company is a scam. BEWARE !!

  • A. Preiss - none existent customer service, you'll need a friend with some advanced computer skills

    Originally had 2010 version of this program which I had set up for an automatic back to a 3rd system hard drive. I ran in the background flawlessly, literally for years. Until the other day when I needed to recover an old image from and old laptop that I had backed with Acronis years ago. Found out then that my version had expired. No problem I thought, I'd liked the program and don't mind upgrading. That's when I began to hate Acronis. Turns out the 2010 version is particularly difficult to uninstall. Took me about two days because Acronis doesn't have an 800 number, or tech support chat, or really any customer service at all unless you're buying something. All there is, a customer forum where I finally found a solution. In this day and age I expect software to be able to uninstall older versions, I think that's a reasonable expectation. And not to have to perform an exhaustive google search.

  • Deimarys - If you work out, you need this...

    The day i got a sample of the LivRelief Ultra Strength Natural Pain Relief on my PINCHme box i was having the worst muscular pain ever. I was working out and my trainer really kicked my butt. Anyways, i was like, you know what? why not... So i took a hot bath and apply the pain relief on my lower back and all the places that it hurt.