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  • Jocelyn - Great starter

    This is a very good starter flute, which is what I needed it for. Some minor flaws made in manufacturing but not a big deal when just learning. Great price for what you get. :) I also love the pink and silver look. It is beautiful.

  • W. Ciaccia - Great cleaner

    I was surprised at this product. I usually would just use dish soap to wash my car but decided to try a car soap...it leaves a nice slick shine. It's no replacement for wax but I was pleased with its cleaning power and finish.

  • michael vega - best ever

    this is the wave of the future. streaming movies at a great price. with a great selection of movies with user friendly controls. can't beat that.

  • New Orleans gal - Pros and Cons / My Off-label Unexpected Benefit

    I love this product for what it does for my skin. It has, however, totally discolored the neck of many of my expensive white cotton nightgowns. Someone responded that this product is not for use on the neck, but here's why I apply it ( wiping gently nightly with the same single pad) to my face and neck : While no claim is made by the company about its effectiveness in removing, over time, and possibly preventing skin tags on the neck, nor do I maintain that it's suitable for others, it has worked for me for years. I've not had to visit the dermatologist for their removal since I've been using this.

  • Jules in LA - Brush stopped working due to snapped wires - design flaw

    We got the Hoover Linx in about 2010 for free when purchasing a new refrigerator from a well-known consumer electronics store that has notoriously bad customer service). It worked beautifully and my wife really loved it, especially compared to the Electrolux Ergorapido. The combination of suction with light weight and decent battery life had my wife singing its praises.

  • Elizabeth Praast - PC-Matic or PC PitStop

    I purchased the PC Matic through PC Pitstop after watching a commercial on TV. My computer was running really slow, and I needed help. I purchased the PC Matic Home 5 payment installations for a 1 year subscription. However when I got my credit card statement it showed the payment of $49.99 in full. Rip-off! Once installed on my computer, it caused havoc on everything. It worked like a virus, wiping out programs, and data. My computer was a complete mess and certain programs I had been able to access for years, I could no long access. I had to pay someone to delete the PC Matic off my computer and repair all the damage it caused. I do NOT recommend anyone to ever purchase this in the future. I noticed on their website, there is NO address to mail a letter to, NO phone number to contact. I have to email my complaint on a standardized form on their website, and wait for someone to answer me. If this was an honest business why wouldn't they give you their physical or mailing address? How about a phone number for something other than "Technical Support." I regret every purchasing this product. It's a scam that put viruses ON my computer. CAUTION: Do NOT purchase this product and do NOT install it on your computer. I am sure sorry I did!