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  • mizzstepwhyte - I do see an improvement on the shade of my teeth now that I've used this kit once.

    I drink tea on an almost daily basis and the stains from drinking had made my teeth yellowish in color. I wasn't due for cleaning for another 2 months and needed something right away to whiten my teeth in between cleanings. Hopped on Amazon and was overwhelmed by the vast selection of At Home Teeth Whitening Kits. Saw this kit and was immediately drawn to it because of the added LED light that comes with it. Many other kits did not include that the LED light and not that I would know the difference with using the kits with or without the light, but for the price added an extra item to brighten my teeth at the same price is an added bonus that I couldn't pass up. I've used it once and followed the directions to a tee and can say that although my teeth are not yet pearly white, I do see a drastic improvement in the shade prior to using this kit and will continue to purchase for in-between whitening.

  • Dean S. Hartley - Amazon's Visio - Great Price

    MS Visio Professional 2010 is a fine product. It supports many, many different drawing needs, from HVAC plans to software UML. Buying it from Amazon is really smart because the price is so much less than anywhere else!

  • Flybar - Works, BUT makes you ITCHY

    I've been using this stuff for almost 3 years now and it really works well for me. It helps as much in the front of my head, as it does in the back. The only downside is that it makes me so unbelievably itchy, I just want to scratch my head all day long.

  • Amazon Customer - Exceeds expectations.

    I was extremely pleased with this shampoo. In spite of the best flea and tick product on the market, my dog still had a number of itch spots from other bugs or? One bath in this shampoo and they were dramatically reduced. I also like that this product is biodegradable as we live on the lake during the summer months. I am now buying more for us and to ship to my daughters pup as well.

  • Newbie - Not Just for Dummies

    QuickBooks is not a program most CPAs like to use, as it goes against the grain of normal accounting practices. So, I was hesitant to take on a client using this program. But, this book really helped me understand how the program works, how it should be set up, and how I can adjust and correct client errors. It's an easy read, direct, and well organized. I'll keep it as a reference and probably refer to it often as I learn the ins and outs of this program.