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Te Puke Medical Centre serves the greater Te Puke community - Te Puke Medical Centre welcomes new patients to our practice. We have a team of over 20 doctors, nurses and support staff.

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  • warlord - 2012

    What can you say about the end of the world? John Cusack and company do a great job with an absurd premise. It's fun, exciting, suspenseful, and utterly ridiculous, but who wouldn't know that going in?

  • laine mcmillan - fraud/barely works/too expensive for what it really is.

    i got the back 2 life brand new, but it didnt even work when i got it, the customer service people did barely anything and after accessive calling for 3 months i finally got a new one shipped to me, i used it for a couple of weeks and i did somewhat feel relief, but a couple of days later it broke, face it, its a fraud. read reviews all over the internet, more than 3/4 of the reveiws will say either it doesnt work or it came broken just like me, and the customer service straight up sucks. this especially isnt worth buying because you can buy a big exercise ball for about $11 and get the same results. it comes with exercise dvd and you can find additional back exercise over the internet, so save yourself the time and money.

  • Bunny the Mule - Thought Provoking - Must Read for Elected Officials

    Charles Murray is certainly a controversial author. While some may not agree with his conclusions, the statistics cited in this book are disturbing. He makes the case that our society is being divided between an educated upper class and a non-educated lower class and it is becoming increasingly difficult to bridge that divide. The divide is becoming not just one of financial means and education but also one of values and culture. This book should be a must read for every elected official in the nation - particularly those that go to Washington.

  • gsaye - Microwaving

    Microwave cooking may now be coming into its own,. Here it is made easy for the single person. This book fills a much-needed void.

  • Ben Salter - A great deal on solar pathway lights

    I was skeptic at first when I received these solar lights because I received them for free on Amazon Review Trader. They work great. I use them around the walk way at home and to the entrance of our motorhome when away. They are big like the expensive ones at a hardware store and durable. They charged in the sun all day and came on at night. I even noticed that when a car came by with bright lights and got too close the light would go off and come right back on as soon as the light was gone.