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The Apprentice Doctor - You'll find medical practice kits for suturing, clinical, and venipuncture skills as well as medical articles here.

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  • S. Gadsden - Made me VERY hungry!

    This product made me very hungry, I couldn't stop eating after one pill! My stomach was growling, all day after one pill. Not recommended...

  • David Leader - Just what you need for practice development or to create scripts.

    I needed a test environment to play around in my spare time, and this was perfect. Nothing is truly missing from the "full" version, and I can even put out samples I write onto the net.

  • slick55 - It's A Gimmick

    Even though I told my wife your throwing your money away, she bought the Tummy Tuck anyway. She used it for a month and followed the directions to a tee. She lost 4 pounds. I said lets try doing the same exercises without wearing the Tummy Tuck for additional months. Which she did and lost an addition 5 pounds. Tummy Tuck has nothing to do with the weight loss, it's an increase level of exercise. Tummy Tuck is a gimmicks. Don't waste your money.

  • R. Guillen - Kept my UTIs from coming back

    Earlier this year, I was getting recurrent UTIs. Each time I would finish a course of antibiotics, things would flare up again two weeks later. I was getting desperate. I ordered these because they are much easier for me than drinking cranberry juice (I don't like anything with a lot of sugar). Two of these each day, and I've been symptom free for four months now. Love it!


    This drive failed in less than 2 months, past my amazon return date. Getting warranty service from samsung is ridiculously difficult. The existing documentation encourages the customer to use the web to open a support ticket and does not list a phone number. However, the web forms don't even list the model so you can't complete the process over the web. I wasted a lot of time trying to use their web support service.

  • Eric Poindexter - Great fit, great look

    Great fit, great look, great shoe!!!! Puma is my new #1 shoe for price, look, and feel. Now I have two pair and am looking for two more.