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Homebrew wine and beer kits beermaking and Winemaking at thebrewshop - TheBrewShop.com are the biggest, best stocked home brew beer and wine shop in the country. We have been selling homebrew for over 30 years and we enjoy it

  • http://www.thebrewshop.com/contents/en-uk/d132_Home_Winemaking_Kits.html Home Wine making Kits - We stock the biggest and best range of home made wine kits in the UK - Most are in stock, Weve arranged them by quality, generally.The better the quality the more you pay. Some of the kit manufacturers dont agree with our assessment of quality! We believe our homebrew kits offer the best value of any - If we think a kit is not worth the money then we dont stock it! We enjoy our home brew We hope you do! Premium Quality Medium Quality Standard Quality One Gallon/Six And Two gallon/15 Bottle Selection Best sellingof the premium kits Beaverdale-Bestselling all grape kit in the shop Cantina- Very Popularand fastfermenting Beaverdale All Grape The Best One Gallon Kit Selection Estate and Estate With Crushendo D.O.C.s - ItalianConcentrate One of the New Boys Magnum -Budget Price! - and Magnum Ultimate NEW! 21/2 Gall 15 Bottle Kits Muntons Cedars Gold Vintners World and Reserve Wine kits Ever Popular Australian Blend Solomon Grundy And Solomon Grundy Gold Mondego 6 Bottle- Range withGrape, Fruit and Flower Wines Kenridge Showcase California Connoissuers Belvino-Dried Fruit Kits Popular in Dry Countries! Definitive-Range withGrape Fruit and Flower Wines Selection Limited Editions Taking orders now for the best kits in the world! Until 6th Dec Cellar 7 Kits Solomon Grundy Seven Day FruitWine Kits Island Mist 30 BottleFruit WinesBack In Stock! Carafe 21 Alcotec Spirit Base Kit-20% Alcohol! An Alcotec Vodka Paris Hilton--The Famous Hotel Wine Kit Range Vigneron -The Old Faithful And Favourite Butlers One Gallon Kits Moments by Advintage -Italian Grape Juice Concentrates WineBuddy Prohibition One Gallon/Six Bottle Liqueur and Base Kits Butlers-Cheerful kit Been around for years! Mondego Reserve 30 bottle wine kits
  • http://www.thebrewshop.com/contents/en-uk/p2110_40_Pint_23_Litre_Beer_Barrel_and_Pump_-Available_early_December.html 40 Pint/23 Litre Beer Barrel and Pump -In Stock now!! - GAS CYLINDER NOT INCLUDED 40 pint beer dispense system! In Stainless! Look at this baby! Takes either the s30 refillable cylinder or the small 8 gm soda syphon bulbs
  • http://www.thebrewshop.com/contents/en-uk/d115.html WineXpert Limited Edition Wine KIts - Made by Wine Expert and only available for a short time! These are great kits . These are the Selection Limited Edition Range!
  • http://www.thebrewshop.com/contents/en-uk/d140_Beaverdale_Wine_Kits.html Beaverdale 30 Bottle Wine Kits - The House ofBeaverdale! The best selling all grape kit in the UK. We sell loads of beaverdale wine kits in all the types! Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are the favourites followed by Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio.
  • http://www.thebrewshop.com/contents/en-uk/d164_Magnum_Home_Brew_Wine_Kits.html Magnum Home Brew Wine Kits - Yep, the famous Magnum kits as used to be sold in Morrisons now available ! One of the most popular homebrew kits on the market, its not available in the supermarkets anymore. But dont worry, we have it. Youll never run out of your favourite home brew again. Winemaking was never as easy as this. Homebrew the Magnum way! Magnum, the home brew big gun!
  • http://www.thebrewshop.com/contents/en-uk/d44_geordie-home-brew.html Geordie Home Brew KIts - Geordie home brew kits have been around since Adam was a lad. Originally from Newcastle and we've put a nice picture of the Tyne Bridge to remind you! It's travelled about a bit since but Geordie is still a popular home beer kit in the shop and has a loyal following!
  • http://www.thebrewshop.com/contents/en-uk/d167_Wine_Acceessories_test_page.html Wine making Accessories Yeast Chemicals and Equipment - Wine making accessories and chemicals, everything from an airlock to a tub of pectolase. Its all in here! Just ask if you cant see it.
  • http://www.thebrewshop.com/contents/en-uk/d192_Rum_Pots-_Rumtopf-_Free_Recipe_and_Rumpots_for_Sale!.html Rum Pots- Rumtopf- Free Recipe and Rumpots for Sale! - What is a Rum Pot? Its a decorative glazed pot that you fill with rum and fruit. Then, some point you eat the fruit and drink the fruity rum, happy days! They are very traditional in Germany and sometimes tun up in German restaurants. Weve seen them in the German bars in Teneriffe! All rumpots are preloved, but checked for chips etc. Stock changes so we usually have a few different ones in stock-- Please ask...
  • http://www.thebrewshop.com/contents/en-uk/terms.html Terms - Please do not return anything without talking to us first! If an item is faulty we will replace it at our cost Anything you buy may be returned unused and in good condition within 14 daysand we will refund the cost of the item. Please phone or email us if you have a problem! [email protected]

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  • Pork Hunt - Appollyon 2012 was better

    It would have been a good read if I hadn't read above 3 times already, and shared copies of it with family and friends.

  • Chip Jordan - PERFECT!!

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  • Edward D. MacDonald - Great product but go to PC Mag website to buy

    This is a great product and rated #1 by PC Magazine. In fact, go to the PC Mag website to the product review and click to buy there. It's the same product as here except it's only $39.99 (a $30 savings!).

  • 3DMan - Best Internet Security Software!

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  • Tunaman77 - Nice Road Shoes

    I bought a pair to augment the MTB shoes I have. They are stiffer and seem more efficient than my MTB. I switch between them depending on what I'm doing: Just riding, I wear these; shopping or walking, I wear the SH-M162.