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  • Jana Snodgrass - Living Cookbook 2013

    I love this program. I love the ease of adding recipes. Wish I had bought it earlier. Would definitely recommend it!

  • Family Guy - One of the best product for Health.

    We prefer pediasure powder to pediasure milk and there are only a few stores which actually sell pediasure powder. Target has them but why bother when Amazon has these for a better price and does door delivery.

  • Monique - Wow, what a book

    The fall, what a book. Nothing like Tina's other work, The Fall gives us a twisted story line that made us think and then delievered something else.

  • Nikim - A great product

    I love the look of painted nails, but given the countless dishes and baby bottles I wash I can never get a manicure to last more than a few days without a chip. This product was easy to apply, dries rock hard instantly and lasted for 11 days, even after completely all the everyday chores. I can now have the best of both worlds, nails that last for two weeks and look good for work, and nails that stand-up to mommy duties around the house. My only wish is to know how to fill in color, my nails grow quick so after a week you can start to see the color pull away from the cuticle area.

  • Kevin Wall - Loads of info

    I decided upon rec. book that it was a lot of information in which it was doubtful I could remember all of it. So I have decided simply to use as reference as I run into things I am confused on or simply can not find. To date I have only found one issue it hasn't been helpful with. That was setting up the program to communicate with my email which is attached to my website.

  • Joanne B. Lagrega - Big fan of Thundershirt!

    My dog, a rescue terrier, has always been terrified of storms, even just heavy rain. Tried the Thundershirt and was pleasantly surprised and pleased that he seems much more secure and less anxious wearing it. He even sits in front of the closet when I say its time to put it on. I am not saying he is 100% calm but much less anxious and doesn't mind wearing it even all night when we are expecting storms. Well worth the price, only wish I had one sooner.

  • A mother and an engineer - Great for kids who like unusual facts and information

    I have gotten several of these books (one per year) for my son, now age 10. He was a precocious reader and is really into statistics, facts, and unusual bits of information. As such, this book was right up his alley. I plan to get the next one in the fall when it comes out, too. I haven't read it myself, so here are my son's comments: "It was really interesting and has a lot of good information. It would be good for someone who likes lots of facts. There are good pictures."