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Welcome to TN Brain and Spine | TN Brain and Spine - Dr. Joel Norman and Dr. Barrett Brown are specially-trained in the treatment of surgical disorders of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves. Their experti

  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/about-us/ About TN Brain and Spine | TN Brain and Spine - Our physicians at TN Brain and Spine have performed over 3,000 surgeries for the treatment of surgical disorders of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves.
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/contact-us/ Contact Us | TN Brain and Spine - Contact Us for Excellence in Brain, Spine and Peripheral Nerve Care Thank you for your interest in TN Brain and Spine. We are a leading provider of neurosu
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/our-team/ Our Team | TN Brain and Spine - The physicians, nurses and administrative professionals at TN Brain and Spine are committed to providing you with exceptional care. We are all partners in
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/services-procedures/ Services & Procedures | TN Brain and Spine - Anatomy and CausesBrain AnatomySpine AnatomyConditions TreatedBrain TumorsCerebrovascular DiseaseFacial PainSpine ConditionsProceduresSpineAnterior Cervica
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/for-patients/ For Patients | TN Brain and Spine - Thank you for choosing TN Brain and Spine for your healthcare needs. It is always our goal to provide the best possible neurosurgical care. Common disorder
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/locations/ Locations | TN Brain and Spine - Our main office is located in Knoxville adjacent to one of East Tennessee’s premiere hospitals, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. We have additional of
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/new-number/ TN Brain and Spine's Phone Number is Changing Oct 26,2016. - TN Brain and Spine will have a new phone number on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Please note our new number which will be (865) 331-2835.
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/minimally-invasive-spine-surgery-frequently-asked-questions/ Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Frequently Asked Questions | TN Brain and Spine - What is minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS)?Traditionally, spine surgery has been performed through surgical incisions ranging from 2 to 6 inches. Evol
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/brain-tumors/ Brain Tumors | TN Brain and Spine - A tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue that grows on or inside the body. It is known as primary if located where its growth first started, or secondary if i
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/cerebrovascular-disease/ Cerebrovascular Disease | TN Brain and Spine - Cerebral AneurysmsThe most common form of cerebral aneurysm is called a berry aneurysm, because its shape resembles a small berry. They develop at branchin
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/facial-pain/ Facial Pain | TN Brain and Spine - Trigeminal Neuralgia (Tic Douloureux) Trigeminal neuralgia is a general term referring to facial pain caused by a disturbance of the Trigeminal nerve ( V c
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/spine-conditions/ Spine Conditions | TN Brain and Spine - Herniated or Ruptured DiscsA herniated, slipped or ruptured disc in your back can cause each of these pain patterns. The ways in which a slipped disc cause
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/surgery-spinal-tumors/ Surgery for Spinal Tumors | TN Brain and Spine - The surgical approach for a spinal tumor depends on the location and size of the tumor. Tumors within the spinal canal may be exposed by a posterior incisi
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/minimally-invasive-endoscopic-transnasal-transphenoidal-pituitary-surgery/ Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Transnasal Transphenoidal Pituitary Surgery | TN Brain and Spine - The minimally invasive, endoscopic approach to resection of pituitary adenomas has advanced the field of pituitary surgery dramatically. The development of
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/patient-forms/ Patient Registration Forms | TN Brain and Spine - During your visit, you may be asked to fill out registration and consent forms. You may choose to pre-register by downloading, printing and completing the
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/spine-surgery/ Ex-Paratrooper Back in Action After Spine Surgery | TN Brain and Spine, - Barrett Brown, MD of TN Brain and Spine performs minimally invasive spine surgery for the relief of back pain with weakness or numbness in the lower body.
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/lane-testimonial/ Minimally Invasive Surgery Brings Maximum Relief to LeConte Employee | TN Brain and Spine, - “Life before surgery was constant pain all the time,” says Juanita Lane. “I hurt in my low back, both legs all the way to my knees every day.” Lane is one
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/kendall-testimonial/ Maryville Man Thankful for ‘Gift’ of Minimally Invasive Surgery | TN Brain and Spine, - Bill Kendall of Maryville, 68, is a retired railroad worker who has spent a fair amount of time on his feet and bending down. At 6 feet, 3 inches tall, tha
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/norman-sevier/ Physicians Return Home to Provide Care for Sevier Patients | TN Brain and Spine, - Joel Norman, MD, and Rebekah Swink, MD, don’t practice the same medical specialties, but they both have similar “home roots” that run deep. And that’s good
  • http://www.tnbrainandspine.com/barron-testimonial/ Back to Living, Farming, and Riding | TN Brain and Spine, - For more than a year, Donna Barron’s back hurt, the kind of pain that keeps you up at night. Dr. Joel Norman diagnosed her with stenosis, a narrowing of th

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    I purchased the Neat for use in a small business. I needed a desktop scanning solution. I have a Fujitsu Scansnap that has worked quite well, but I needed something for the office so I thought I would give the Neat scanner a try. I have had the scanner for a couple weeks and it has been a real disappointment.