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UNC Physicians Network - With more than 50 locations and 200 board-certified primary and specialty care physicians, UNC Physicians Network makes quality care accessible for your family.

  • http://www.uncpn.com/uncmc/ UNC Medical Center - Chapel Hill, NC - When you need a hospital, rely on UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, NC, to provide you and your family with the latest advances in health care.
  • http://www.uncpn.com/uncmc/unc-childrens/ UNC Children's Hospital - Chapel Hill, NC - When your child needs care, turn to the medical experts at UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC, for compassionate and exemplary health care.
  • http://www.uncpn.com/pn/for-physicians/ For Physicians - Learn more about the benefits for physicians and their practices through UNCPN.
  • http://www.uncpn.com/pn/care-treatment/flu-shots/ Flu Shots | UNC Physicians Network - Get a flu shot from a UNCPN practice today. A flu vaccine can reduce illness, antibiotic use, doctors’ visits and time lost from work and school.
  • http://www.uncpn.com/pn/practices-locations/carolina-advanced-health/ Carolina Advanced Health | Chapel Hill, NC | UNCPN - At Carolina Advanced Health, our on-site care team of doctors, a nutritionist, a pharmacist, a care manager and a behavioral therapist are here for you.
  • http://www.uncpn.com/pn/practices-locations/chapel-hill-internal-medicine Chapel Hill Internal Medicine | Chapel Hill, NC | UNCPN - Chapel Hill Internal Medicine is a multi-specialty practice located in Chapel Hill, NC. We provide a broad spectrum of services for our adult patients.
  • http://www.uncpn.com/pn/about/ About UNC Physicians Network - Learn more about UNC Physicians Network, which provides a full range of primary care and specialty services to people in 13 counties throughout NC.
  • http://www.uncpn.com/pn/careers/ Careers | UNC Physicians Network - High-quality health care begins with high-caliber people. At UNCPN, our steadfast commitment to the health of our community begins within.
  • http://www.uncpn.com/pn/patient-information/medical-home/ Medical Home | UNC Physician's Network - A medical home is a team-based approach to health care. The team is made of health care providers, support staff and most importantly—YOU.

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  • Dianna - Good reference book

    LOTS of good information. I wanted to use this to find out what vaccinations I needed for travel to other countries.

  • Amazon Customer - Decent floor cleaner

    This floor cleaner leaves the floor nice and clean but sometimes leaves too much water behind which can lead to streaks. I've tried it on my sofa and my cabinets (the smaller attachment) as well as on my scrubbable flat painted walls. It seemed to work well on all surfaces but again leaves things wetter than I think is optimal. Fairly good value in the open box section but at full price I would be disapointed.

  • L Robertson - Awesomest Book Ever

    This book was totes funny and good u will luv it its sooooooo funny the girl should def date Matt they would make a cute couple I think the next book actually has them date...I think...sooooooo anyways is a great book read it or be a loser for the rest of ur born days dun dun dun duuuuuun!!!

  • Amazon Customer - It has completely transformed my 75 mile daily commute

    I seldom ever write reviews for anything, but felt compelled to do so about my car. I own a 2016 Tesla Model S (VIN 147xxx) and it has completely transformed my 75 mile daily commute. Autopilot is a phenomenal piece of engineering, while not perfect, after experiencing it first hand it's absolutely clear that this technology will change the world. The ride quality is outstanding, aesthetically the car is off the charts, acceleration is fantastic, connectivity / entertainment system is unbelievable, and basically I love everything about it. Not to mention it's designed / engineered here in the USA, built here in the USA by USA workers, and runs off power generated by the USA and not some middle-eastern country. Everyone needs to find a way to experience this vehicle. I can't imagine my wife or I will ever own another non-Tesla vehicle for the rest of our lives. It's really that good.

  • Amazon Customer - How to Pay Zero Taxes

    Little time was spent on the changes that will occur after Dec 31, 2012. Jeff Schnepper's included the same old stuff from the prior years, even though none of it applies to 2012 or 2013. But, the old material bulks up this edition. This book has some technical errors, such as 1099 reporting is required for payments to corporations in 2012. I purchased this book in a book store. I wish that I could return it.