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  • KLRinIowa - Warped and finish flaked off first use

    I bought this Norpro jelly roll pan only because I couldn't find another stainless steel sheet pan with consistently good reviews without paying much more. The first pan arrived with a manufacturing defect in the finish, so I shipped it back and Amazon refunded my money promptly. I foolishly reordered, thinking "what are the chances I'll get a manufacturing flaw twice?" The second pan did look fine initially. After the first use, while hand washing it with a nylon brush, I discovered the finish had already flaked off in many places, leaving tiny pock marks that look rusty. Also, as others have said, it warped with a shockingly loud bang at only 325 degrees. I don't doubt it would throw cookies and whatever else around the oven during such a forceful warping action. Bottom line is I can't use this pan as I only use stainless steel pans for health reasons. If there truly is a stainless steel finish on this pan, it is far too thin, or of far too poor quality to hold up - even with light use. Don't waste your time and money buying this pan.

  • Russ - Excellent Dash Kit

    I bought this unit back at the end of 2013, and had to wait till they got the 2nd Gen completed. Once I finally received it (4 months later), had to find a head unit I wanted. Had it all professionally installed. I did purchase the module for onstar to go along with this kit (that was the only add on piece I had to get). Here it is 2 1/2 years later, and not once have I had an issue with this kit.