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Vantage Premium Townhomes - Ten Premium Townhomes located in Victoria are now available for sale. Centrally located to all of Greater Victoria's most popular areas, it is the best place to live.

  • http://www.vantagetownhomes.com/the-homes/ Vantage Townhomes for sale in Victoria BC - Vantage Premium Townhomes - Located in View Royal and close to Downtown Victoria, our 10 Vantage Townhome units are perfectly located in the center of all of Greater Victoria's most popular places
  • http://www.vantagetownhomes.com/vantage-development-picture-gallery/ 360 Degree tour of our Vantage Townhome Development - Vantage Townhomes - View our 360 degree tour of the Vantage Townhome Development. Great pictures and tour allow you to see one of VIctoria's most affordable and luxurious Townhome developments
  • http://www.vantagetownhomes.com/building-progress/ Building progress updates for our Vantage Townhomes - Vantage Development - See pictures of our Vantage Townhome development in Victoria as it's being built. We keep you update so you can see the progress of your new Townhome being built.
  • http://www.vantagetownhomes.com/contact-us/ Contact the team at Vantage Townhomes in Victoria - Vantage Premium Townhomes - Looking for more information on our Vantage Premium Townhomes for sale in VIctoria BC? You are one phone call away from a new dream home.

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  • Home Project Guy - Super Read

    Loved every word. Not to be missed by those who lived through the period of I love Lucy. They were pioneers of the day.

  • E. Harriman - Unfortunately, completely correct.

    My daughter's MD recommended I read this book to help my daughter's eczema. I resisted. I didn't want another restrictive diet for her. We'd already tried a restrictive allergy diet and if anything it made her condition worse, plus was so hard to administer. But eventually daughter number two also started getting eczema, which scared the heck out of me. It had been so many years since I was allowed to sleep through the night... having the situation get worse was not acceptable. So after a few more months of procrastinating I got the book and read it, hoping it would be utter nonsense that I could then disregard. It wasn't nonsense. Even my mother--who loves whole grains and is just as skeptical a reader as I am--agreed that it made sense. So we tried the diet in the book for both kids and for myself too, so I could see what it was like. In one month daughter number two's eczema went away. My first daughter is still on the diet and is getting better skin and is sleeping much better than she has in years (yay!!). For myself, I didn't notice any difference at all in the way I felt on the diet. But I'm healthy, so the diet's not really made for me I guess.

  • Mr. Good Dad - Life is Hard Your Towel should Not Be //// Incredibly Soft /// High Grade Micro-Fibers ///

    Amazingly soft micro-fiber towel. One major advantage to using this micro-fiber towel is how easy it is on the skin during workouts. You can do Yoga all day or stretch without irritation on the knees or elbows, skin it those areas seem to dry out fast an cause painful dry splitting skin irritation. This is due to the friction created on these pressure points during transitional movements. Another benefit is the absorbency of the micro-fiber. Highly absorbent fibers let you stay dry during a hard workout without leaving a puddle behind. We have all seen and been left disgusted after seeing a person get up off the floor or an exercise machine and leave sweat or body moisture behind. You don't want to be that person neither do I. The towel is quite large measuring in at 20 inch by 40 inches. No matter what your needs are if you are looking for a nice towel to carry in and out of a public gym or exercise class that looks classy and is highly effective this is for you. The towel is ultra thin and folds up nice and small taking up virtually no room in your gym bag. This towel holds up extremely well wash after wash o your towel looks new and fresh compared to the next person sporting a frayed towel that has seen better days. You are working out to look good and fell better so why not have a good looking towel that feels incredibly well also. The colors are very gender neutral and can be shared by both partners or children. The edges are sewn up nice and tight for a long life span. I was very lucky to find this towel on a discounted rate and or for free for my honest review plus testing. I am a proud user of this product and stand by my statement above. This towel is so nice you will want to use it when climbing out of the shower. This is an amazing price for a towel of this quality... Shipping is prompt and hassle free. Almost forgot to mention how well this towel sticks to a Yoga matt during a session, eliminating the need of constant readjustments due to rollups caused by average towels. Please take a second and drop a Vote below on this review, your Vote is greatly appreciated and does count... Thanks and enjoy....

  • Will - Quality of Bose and Bass of Beats

    Was very excited to see my Bluetooth Headphones from TaoTronics arrive today. I normally don't review anything,but figure since my purchase was heavily decided by reviews I would share mine so others can benefit as well. For the price I paid for the device I wouldn't have expected it to be so neatly boxed as if I were opening a $500 new phone... I received everything described on amazon. Several different sizes to fit my ears. After trying different sizes I settled on the small hooks and covers.. The quality of the headset feels quite durable. I dreaded the "new purchase first charge" directions, but to my surprise it was fully charged within maybe 30 minutes. The pairing was quite easy, at first i was a little impatient and wasn't holding the button long enough because I would let go when i saw the blue light blink. I soon found holding it longer it would alternate between blue and red which was pairing mode. Well, after playing a few songs ranging from Calvin Harris and DNCE I determined my purchase is among my best decisions.. Let's just say i find it hard you will find a better Bluetooth headset when you weigh cost against quality. If you read one sentence the next is the one to read. If Bose and Beats were to come together, you would have this Bluetooth headset. You get the best of both sound quality and bass. This is my first experience with TaoTronics but will not be my last. I can't imagine how good the rest of the their products are and I expect I will be trying more soon. Also, you can't beat the quality experience you get when ordering from Amazon, especially if you have a prime account...

  • Theresa - It has been real

    This is a magnificent keepsake. Thank You President Obama and Mrs. Obama for eight years of hard work,cool and sophistication.