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  • Rachel Q - Love this book. It saved my teeth!

    I am a runner. In August of 2013, I took a nasty fall and all of my front teeth got loosened. I had so much pain that the dentist recommended root canal. I did not want that at all, so I started to look for alternatives. I purchased this book and decided to give oil pulling a try. I started three months ago. The pain was gone after one month of doing oil pulling one to three times per day. I also brushed my teeth with Dr. Christopher’s Formula Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder once per day. Yesterday, I had my dental checkup. The hygienist told me that my gum tissue was very healthy because there was no blood during the cleaning (sorry for the gory description). Then the dentist came and he examined both the X-Rays and my teeth and he said: “Everything looks pretty darn nice!” My teeth are stronger than ever and feel and look great!

  • brandon birtch - Fit to my phone was great. Thickness is not too thick but seems that ...

    Fit to my phone was great. Thickness is not too thick but seems that it will do just fine protecting my screen. Install wasn't too difficult either as long as you take your time and do it right.

  • Deborah Kenakin - I disagree!

    I am surprised by the bad reviews...I have tried many creams and lotions, and found this to be the ONLY one that ever has worked. I am in my 60s and it has really helped the neck and jawline, as I am an avid tanner. I am a very allergic person, and this has caused no troubles for me, and I have used it daily for 3 months. My advice is to try one jar and see. Nothing is going to be a miracle, unless it is maybe plastic surgery. But, for me, the results are very noticeable.

  • SnugglyGirl - The best desk mate I've ever had

    This is one of my new favorite things on my desk. I bought two of them and I have already almost filled them. They charge really fast and my phone can't tell the difference between being plugged in to this and plugged straight into the wall and most of the smart phones out there now will definitely let you know if you could be charging faster. I can't recommend this enough, especially for the price. It has plenty of charging ports, the average person probably would not need more than one. I'm not quite average with my charging needs though, so having a second one was required and I'm glad I thought ahead. Having only one plug in the wall has helped me feel slightly less self-conscious about my usb-rechargeble addiction and I can actually use my outlets again. I definitely recommend this for anyone who's got a lot of usb rechargeable devices of any type. I haven't found a thing that stresses this yet and I have a lot of toys to plug in at once. I've had one of mine plugged in the entire time I've had it (I don't recommend leaving them plugged in all the time, btw, I'm just lazy) and it's never heated up or given me any cause to think that it would overheat. The stand is small but works well on the desk and the entire unit is small enough that it doesn't obstruct my monitor even sitting right in front of it. Definitely a good buy if you need a good, very portable usb charger.

  • LE F. - I love the smell and the way it makes my skin ...

    I love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel after I use it. I'm still early in my pregnancy so I can't attest to it's effectiveness with stretch marks just yet. Their service is excellent!

  • Theropod-X - Stop paying the monthly fee and you can't even open your files

    Purchasing any product in the CC collection (like Photoshop CC) means you are essentially "renting" the software. If you ever stop paying for it, you have 30 days to convert your work to some other format that can be opened in another program, because after those 30 days you will never again be able to open Photoshop--even to access the files you created while you were subscribed.

  • skindeep - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

    I love this stuff!!!!! not only does it thicken and grow your hair but what it does for your skin is amazing!!! Every time I use Nzuri in the morning my skin glows so beautifully and I can literally feel the difference in my thin and thinning hair!!