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  • John Jertson - Was not happy with Bitdefender!

    I had Bitdefender for a year and a half. I was not happy with the setting and ease of use, so purchase Kaspersky. I have use it for more the 150 day and I love it. It is easy to set up and you can turn it off if you chose! It also warns you it a website is suspect which is cool! Try it, you will like it!

  • M. Baker - Piece of junk!

    I could write several paragraphs about what is wrong with this thing but the other 1 star reviews pretty much cover it.

  • Wayne00 - Looooove it!

    So i first saw this game on my dads phone which he randomly downloaded, so when we were at a store, i stayed in the car to play it. IT BLEW MY MIND!!! i started off just doing the really easy level at the bottom of the map screen. but as soon as i got used to it more, i went on to some harder ones and i did great but i also noticed the amazing models for the white stag and so on.the main reason for this comment is how amazing this game is. you can start getting better and moving along while also recieving enough money to keep up with the pace.long story short, best hunting game ever!my only regret about the game would have to be the energy system. if that wasnt there, you could spend hours on end playing this game.except for that, once again, best hunting game ever!

  • Aaron Johnson - Coolest toy

    I have to say I was very skeptical since it was so cheap to purchase but it is one of the best made toys we have bought in 4 years. Lights sound effects quality of construction are second to none. Very we'll built and affordable

  • William O - ... hesitant to write this review as I have really enjoyed most in the "Longmire" series

    I was hesitant to write this review as I have really enjoyed most in the "Longmire" series. But simply put, IMO, "An Obvious fact" was both boring and predictable. If you like forced humor, the "F" word being used with little or no purpose (or effect), little or no emotion (aside from anger), endless wise cracks, minimal mystery, disjointed storylines with predictable endings and "eye rolling" predictable exploits by the heroes, then you'll enjoy this book. I also thought it a bit perplexing that only a short while ago Walt's son-in-law was killed, yet he showed more concern for an unknown injured young adult, than for his daughter (who called multiple times requesting his help) and for Vic who returns after an extended absence looking into her brother's killer.

  • Darlanne - NOT just hype. This stuff is amazing, wow!

    For the past 2 years I've been on a journey of natural homeopathic healing. I suffer from many health issues, and because I do not have health insurance, this has truly been my only option. And in general, I do not want to be on pharmaceuticals or unnatural treatments.