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  • Doctek - Buy this if you need to understand SS.

    Best of the lot for SS coverage! This book gives all the details, explains it all clearly, details the strategies available to get the most out of SS, and provides excellent links. If you're getting ready to draw SS and don't know much, this is the book. Better than Dummies Guide and all the rest.

  • CallMeChaz - Not a universal oil...use with discretion

    LS stand for limited-slip. However, that doesn't mean it will work with your LS system. I used it in my 2002 Tundra, and quickly developed a shudder when making a tight turn from a standing start. In fairness, my Tundra is not spec'd out for any synthetic oil. My clutch pack is binding. Some Tundra users say this oil works with theirs, others say it works when 4 to 8 ounces of various friction additives are used. Still others say the additive did not help, or not for very long. I'll try the additive, but will likely go back to standard LS oil if it continues. Continued shuddering can damage your clutch pack! Using too much additive will cause too much slippage, and you will lose the benefit of your LS differential

  • Gerald Wood - Go for the Elephant!

    Goodness it doesn't hardly get any better than this perfume. It's like a Christmas Holiday following you around and making you feel happy without gaining the calories. Spicy, soft and well put together and others think so too!

  • benjamin davis - good case

    My card came in the mail quick,, two days and they also use the good cases with the screw at the top, even though my card's value was only a few bucks. So they get my approval :)