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  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/maine-insurer-cuts-abortion.html Maine insurer cuts abortion coverage - A Maine-based health insurer that sells plans on an Affordable Care Act (ACA) (PL 111-148) marketplace announced that for the 2017 coverage year, it will drop coverage for abortion care except in limited circumstances, Maine Public/Bangor Daily News reports.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/abortion-rights-supporters-2.html Abortion-rights supporters submit petition against Texas mandatory funeral rules - Abortion-rights supporters on Wednesday submitted a petition against proposed rules that would require the cremation or burial of fetal remains in Texas, the Dallas Morning News reports.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/lawmakers-urge-hhs-to-bolster.html Lawmakers urge HHS to bolster contraceptive training, education - Citing a high rate of unintended pregnancy, a group of liberal lawmakers in Congress on Monday sent a letter urging the Obama administration to bolster provider training and education on contraception, Rewire reports.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/editorial-slams-patently.html Editorial slams 'patently unconstitutional effort' to curb abortion rights in Va., warns of future affronts - "It is rarely remembered that the Virginia antiabortion lobby's long, wasteful and ultimately failed effort to regulate state abortion clinics out of business started as a humdrum bit of legislative housekeeping," a Washington Post editorial states.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/aclu-files-federal-complaint.html ACLU files federal complaint against Catholic health system that denied woman tubal ligation - The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Tuesday filed a federal complaint against a Catholic health system over its refusal to provide a woman with a medically advised tubal ligation, Reuters reports.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/commentary-commemorates-colo.html Commentary commemorates Colo. clinic on anniversary of deadly shooting - In a commentary for Broadly, columnist Gabby Bess speaks with Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, about how a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic has moved on since a deadly shooting occurred there last year.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/profile-traces.html Profile traces abortion-rights movement over course of OB-GYN's 46-year career - In a piece for New York Magazine's "The Cut," Caitlin Moscatello traces the history of abortion rights in the United States over the course of the career of Ronald Yeomans, a 75-year-old OB-GYN who provides abortion care in Kansas.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/abortion-rights-supporters-1.html Abortion-rights supporters continue protests against efforts to restrict abortion care in Poland - Hundreds of Polish women on Monday protested a proposal that would ban abortion in cases of fetal anomalies and when the fetus is not viable, AP/ABC News reports.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/va-board-of-health-votes-to.html Va. Board of Health votes to lift some clinic restrictions - The Virginia Board of Health on Monday voted to lift requirements mandating that abortion clinics in the state meet onerous building standards, ruling that the requirements imposed an undue burden on abortion providers, Reuters reports.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/profile-spotlights-chicago.html Profile spotlights Chicago Abortion Fund's work helping women obtain funding for abortion care - In a profile for Broadly, Gabby Bess profiles Brittany Mostiller, who "helps women who can't afford an abortion in any way that she can."
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/video-round-up-cdc-reports.html Video round up: CDC reports continued increase in STI rates - USA Today covers a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that found the "most commonly reported sexually transmitted [infections] [STIs] reached an all-time high in 2015."
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/video-round-up-planned.html Video round up: Planned Parenthood celebrates 100 years - In this clip, NY 1's Natalie Duddridge covers Planned Parenthood's centennial celebration at New York City Hall.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/video-round-up-polands.html Video round up: Poland's proposed abortion ban draws opposition throughout Europe - The New York Times spotlights abortion-rights activism against a proposed abortion ban in Poland.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/video-round-up-3.html Video round up: Abortion-rights supporters comment on Texas' fetal tissue regulation - KUTV/KEYE's Adele Uchida covers a Texas proposal that will require fetal tissue to be buried or cremated.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/video-round-up-rabbi.html Video round up: Rabbi highlights importance of abortion rights - In this clip, Rabbi Lori Koffman discusses the intersection of her faith and her advocacy work for abortion rights, stating, "I'm a woman, I'm a mother, I'm a rabbi, I'm a Jew, I'm an American. And all those pieces of me call me to do this work."
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/video-round-up-abortion-1.html Video round up: Abortion clinic opens in Okla. for first time in 40 years - KWTV's Grant Hermes covers the opening of a new reproductive health center in Oklahoma City, which previously had been the largest metropolitan area without an abortion clinic. The Trust Women South Wind Women's Center is the first abortion clinic to open in the state in 40 years, and only one of three clinics currently operating in Oklahoma.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/video-round-up-irish-women.html Video round up: Irish women live tweet journey for abortion care - Deutsche Welle's Carl Nasman spotlights @TwoWomenTravel, a Twitter account documenting the experience of two Irish women who traveled to Great Britain to access abortion care for one of the women.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/video-round-up-profile.html Video round up: Profile spotlights experience of Utah abortion provider - In this clip, The Nation profiles Leah Torres, an OB-GYN who shares her "career changing, life changing" work as an abortion provider in Utah, a state that imposes several restrictions on abortion care.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/video-round-up-federal-judge-1.html Video round up: Federal judge permanently blocks Ohio antiabortion-rights law - In this clip, WKYC's Maureen Kyle covers a recent decision by a federal judge to grant a permanent injunction against an Ohio law (HB 294) that would cut $1.3 million from abortion providers.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/video-round-up-filmmaker.html Video round up: Filmmaker discusses 'Abortion: Stories Women Tell' - In an interview with AOL Build's Emma Gray, Tracy Droz Tragos discusses her new documentary, "Abortion: Stories Women Tell," which shares women's perspectives on abortion care and abortion rights.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/datapoint-states-that.html Datapoint: States that allocate welfare funds to CPCs - In this map, the Center for American Progress' "ThinkProgress" highlights the seven states that direct Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds toward crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which use misleading tactics to dissuade women from seeking abortion care.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/datapoint-states-using.html Datapoint: States using fungibility-based arguments to block funding for abortion providers - In this map, the Guttmacher Institute spotlights the 18 states that since 2011 have enacted policies that block funding for contraception or other health care services from being allocated to organizations that provide abortion care or are affiliated with abortion providers.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/datapoint-texas-reports.html Datapoint: Texas reports increase in percentage of women using LARC through state health programs - In this infographic, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) outlines data showing that the percentage of Texas women opting for long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) through three state-operated health programs increased between 2012 and 2013.
  • http://www.womenshealthpolicyreport.org/articles/s/datapoint-states-at-risk-of.html Datapoint: States at risk of Zika score poorly on reproductive health, rights measures - In this map, the Population Institute illustrates how many of the states at risk of the Zika virus scored poorly on measures of reproductive rights and health.

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  • Meezerpleezer - Ketrel 2500

    Works well, I'll get a "feeling" for wind velocity after a while. Pretty easy to use, instructions pretty good. Elevation is frequently "off" it's a calculated function from barometric pressure. I can't get the backlight to work, but don't care.

  • John Shackelford - Easy and simple

    The piece fits very well in the car and it matches perfectly with everything else, except for the material that the top is made out of (a leather-like material). The package did come extremely quick though. It is very easy to install (it took me forever because I suck with tools). You will need a 10mm socket and make sure you have an extension for it or it's a long socket. You can't maneuver much when your putting it in because the nut is in a cup holder.

  • Eric S - Easy Beer

    It took an hour or so to start off, but it went well. I have the wort in the keg and I assume it is fermenting nicely. In two weeks I will transfer to the bottles.

  • C. Blouke - Good mat with strong odor

    We solved the problem of the intense chemical odor from this cutting mat by leaving it open in the garage for a week. If you do not have a place outside of your home to air it well, I would not recommend buying it. Once aired it is a very good value and is holding up well to direct contact with a razor.

  • Ms. Russell - Decent Collection

    Good compilation, but only a few of the essays presented here strike me as worthy of "Best Of..."