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  • ccpff - Not good at all

    Had high hopes, but disappointed from the get go. As others have noted, there is not a real instruction manual for this - and the documentation that the seller emails to you is pretty much useless. Some of the menu functions are not adjustable and not sure why they would include them at all. The video quality - both during the day and at night are so-so at best. My wife's dash cam of another brand is so much higher quality. Mine also refused to charge. I adjusted the settings to keep it on for 30secs after shutting down. Lasted maybe 3 seconds. Would not hold a charge at all. Also, this one was defective in that the screen never dimmed. The LCD screen is to dim a few seconds after starting up - so as not to be a distraction - esp. with the brightness at night. Mine just stayed on the whole time. Tried messing with several menu settings - none of which fixed this. Overall - seems to be a subpar dash cam - esp. when compared to others I have tried. There was a special sale on it so I thought I would give it a try - but it's on it's way back now and my search continues.

  • Cabooky - nice motion, flyweight too heavy

    I am a pretty picky long-term gym rat dealing with repetitive motion injuries. The Solo has a nice stride and smooth feel to it and lives up to its billing as being close to gym quality. It clunks a bit but that could be the fact I did everything wrong once when putting it together. My biggest beef with the equipment, though, is the flyweight is just way too heavy to give me high rep workouts with low knee stress. And I have 200 pounds pushing it down! Everything else is great, but that's a pretty key drawback in my book.

  • Joan Kellogg - Did not like Breath Appeal

    did not live up to expectations. would not purchase again Claims did not materialize and so would not rebuy again