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  • Valery Kolesnikov - Bad design, leaking slush onto carpet

    Having spent $200+ on these liners, I expected them to solve the wet carpet problem in my Corolla. No such luck: they just gave me a false sense of security. After the long winter, I discovered that my carpet under the driver's side front and rear liners was SOAKING WET, with visible salt residue. Now I need to lift the entire carpet flooring to dry it out and get rid of the TERRIBLE STINK.

  • Adrian - Nice car

    I've had my 2016 RAV4 XLE for a month now and I am very pleased with it. The power is more than adequate for average driving ( don't challenge anyone to a drag race, though). Here's a power comparison: with the cruise control on, a mild hill will make it downshift once to 5th. A steep hill makes in downshift again to 4th, where it is turning 3200 rpm. Not very annoying at all, especially when compared to my old Nissan Frontier, which would be turning a loud 5000 rpm by now! Yes, I could buy a V6 or V8 vehicle and climb those hills with no effort, but I like the economy of a 4 cylinder. Comfortable interior that's quiet with no rattles or squeaks.

  • Donna - BEWARE - Different than it used to be

    Buyer beware! This is a very different product than it used to be. Ingredients are quite different, and in different quantities. The crushed walnuts that make up the "scrub" are not ground up so fine as before. Feels like I am scratching my face even when not scrubbing.

  • againstthegrain - Smells good, love the oil

    This arrived having leaked out into the box but fortunately it smelled great. The shampoo does not lather much because it doesn't contain sodium Laurel sulfate, but I like the natural ingredients. It smells like exotic spices. The detangler works well and the oil makes my hair so soft and shiny.