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  • R. Shank - New Vendor Invoice Finally Fixed with this Edition!

    I am a life-long user of Quicken; first for Mac in the 90's and for the last 13 years, for the PC. I have appreciated every feature that Intuit has added over the years, but was caught flat when they did a mid-year patch to my 2012 version which made creating a new vendor invoice only possible using a multi-step work-around. With this new release they have fixed the problem, and my two businesses, including two rental properties, along with three estates, two trusts, and several bank accounts and credit cards, are being easily managed again with Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013. As long as they don't make another fix this year that breaks something else!

  • Tom Swift - I felt like I was cheating

    My strategy with First Aid - I figured out which books were used to make First Aid (I listed them below) and then I read those books to get the explanations that First Aid is lacking. I took notes in First Aid from these books. At the end of my studying, I had one comprehensive source with all my notes. I was able to review this once in the last few weeks before the exam.

  • Swanorchid - Would not recommend

    I would not recommend this product line, very expensive, does not deliver what the sales people say about the product, worst experience ever with their products!!!

  • Jack L. Aiello - Blue Lines is a New Classic

    This is the first CD from Massive Attack and though their subsequent efforts are just as fine, it is Blue Lines that still outshines and sets the musical standard for the '90s and beyond. Never have I heard an album mix rap, reggae, dub, pop, dance, club and R&B so homogeneously, that it practically reinvents a new sonic vocabulary. Every song is surprisingly brilliant and authentic with one misstep (I'm not very fond of "Five Man Army"). () While various vocalists are featured on all the tracks, the album maintains its sense of uniformity through the experimental and modern sheen of its sound; keyboard blips, thick vibrating bass lines, piano, violin, etc. are all funneled through a Cuisinart and the results are still truly astonishing today. Keep an open ear for Shara Nelson's haunting vocals on "Safe from Harm", "Lately" and "Unfinished Sympathy", or Horace Andy's reggae warble on "One Love". Blue Lines is highly recommendable; you'll be a Massive Attack fan before the close of the last track.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the characters

    Love the characters, and the rawness of this show! I was immediately addicted. So far, season 7 is off to a good start!