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  • http://xiolea.tumblr.com/post/152326758165/nicki-whats-good-miley-miley-swiftly nicki: what's good, miley?miley, swiftly... I Am Literal Trash - nicki: what's good, miley? miley, swiftly unraveling her blonde dreads: who's miley i'm hannah montanna
  • http://xiolea.tumblr.com/post/152326743405/randomshittocheeryouup-here-are-some-sleeping randomshittocheeryouup: Here are some sleeping... I Am Literal Trash - randomshittocheeryouup: “ Here are some sleeping cats to help you keep your mind off things and hopefully make you smile! ”
  • http://xiolea.tumblr.com/post/152326735895/whitewingdoves-me-myself-maybe-u-should-try whitewingdoves: me @ myself: maybe u should try... I Am Literal Trash - whitewingdoves: “ me @ myself: maybe u should try not to depend so much on validation and attention from others because u really let it dictate your mood and it’s so unhealthy me: huh. interesting....
  • http://xiolea.tumblr.com/post/152326728885/gwendolinechristie-i-want-to-be-good-and-do gwendolinechristie: i want to be good. and do... I Am Literal Trash - gwendolinechristie: “ i want to be good. and do good. and be nice to people. and make people happy. and have good and healthy relationships with people. i want to learn to forgive and i want to...
  • http://xiolea.tumblr.com/post/152326660265/gotitforcheap-friend-hey-what-are-you gotitforcheap: friend: hey what are you... I Am Literal Trash - gotitforcheap: “ friend: hey what are you listening to me pulling out headphones: this rapper, as soon as possible rocky ”
  • http://xiolea.tumblr.com/post/152326568050/queenvictoriaroyalty-abernatty-this-me-an queenvictoriaroyalty: abernatty: this “me, an... I Am Literal Trash - queenvictoriaroyalty: “ abernatty: “ this “me, an intellectual” meme is the funniest thing ” You : this me, an intellectual meme is the funniest thing Me, an intellectual: indeed, the mockery of...

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  • justin - ... its worked I saved money by doing it myself great product and it can be undone with water and ...

    I used this on my violin and used a chinrest as a clamp for a open seam let this stuff dry and its worked I saved money by doing it myself great product and it can be undone with water and heat incase you mess up.

  • Colin E. - I paid for them. They're alright.

    I paid for them. They're alright. I haven't used high end bone conduction headphones so I don't know what it should sound like, but these just sound like a speaker sitting in front of your ear. If you turn them up over half-way, you can hear them across a room. They work though, I use them for biking and I can hear my music and street sounds. So all in all, not sure if they're "proper" bone conduction, but they get the job done.

  • Chanetta L Farmer - I love this product

    I love this product. It does just what it says. It has helped with my curl definition. I am really glad I tried this product it is worth the price.

  • Red McNamara - Perfect for shipping fabric, etc, - when you have more stuff than package

    What a great purchase! I work with fabrics and tectiles, and often have to ship them. It gets expensive and after a while I started looking for creative ways to make more stuff fit into a smaller container. These bags are perfect! This package has a selection of sizes and you get a lot of bags.

  • chinagirl - Huge Letdown

    I am a big fan of Mark Edward's work and have enjoyed many of his books but this one was sort of a mess.

  • Jeanne Mattick - Miracle product

    This product is a miracle worker. I have already recommended it to my neighbors. I live in a high rise and get spiders on my balcony on the 53rd floor. One good spray with this product did the trick. I wish I had known about it years ago.

  • Rlgst1 - It's a wrap

    Lives up to its performance specs. I have max service bars on all my wi-fi devices in a 3850 SF home (that includes patio and back porch). Set up wasn't hard but must have some IT knowledge as instructions are not very detailed. Best I've seen so far. Highly recommend.