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  • Ann Thomas - Important Reading

    The facts and figures in this book are amazing. The Hirsch organization has been very diligent in researching trends in the stock market.

  • Anonymous - By far the least fun version of this game we have

    By far the least fun version of this game we have. Lame music and uninteresting choreography. Just not enjoyable to play. We're sticking with the previous games instead.

  • Donna Dreher - So Cute!!

    What's not to like!? Shopkins are so cute! My daughter collects them and "Crispy Chip" was just a s darling in person!

  • Aunt B - Skin felt nice...until it didn't

    Have been using Nerium day and night cream for almost a week. My skin has been looking pretty good the last few days. My pores seem to look cleaner and smaller which is huge plus. I noticed the last two days that my skin was feeling pretty warm after application, but didn't really think much of it. After I applied the day cream this morning, I ended up with a huge bright red rash covering my neck. My daughter even asked how I got sunburned. I washed it off immediately, but my neck is still red, hot, and burns. So glad I have been using a sample, and that I'm not any money.

  • Justin Williams - Didn't Last One Month

    I loved my earbuds when I first received them. But this morning, while on a run, they suddenly quit. They were fully charged before the run. They still charge when you plug them up. They just won't come on.

  • Happy Mama - I wasn't happy with this..

    So my natural hair is a medium brown, but decided to be like the teenager I am, and I dyed my hair black.I loved the color, but it was just not working with my skin tone. I then bought some Feria hair dye for dark hair, but it barely lightened my hair. I had contemplated on bleaching highlights in my hair, to lighten it up a bit, but then chose Color Oops. I did a strand test, and it really looked like I had finally found a product that would lighten my hair, with less damaging affects. Only thing was that the smell was extremely nauseating. I had to breathe through only my mouth while applying the product so i would not throw up; it was that treacherous. I spent the 20 minutes running outside, (it was a hot day, so I still was able to stay in warm air) just to escape the smell. Once the 20 mins were up, i washed out the Color Oops, and for sure the black hair was gone. I was amazed, and honestly, the color I now had, I kind of liked. It wasn't too brassy, and it was a nice light brown/ dark blonde. But the next morning, after I took a shower, I went to go do my hair, and the color had turned out to be dark brown. The product had not improved anything, AND the smell was still there! I had a concert this day, and once Sean Kingston stepped on stage, everyone began jumping, and this girl behind me in the crowd said "Woah someone needs to take a shower, it smells gross!" It's now been a few days since using Color Oops and my hair still smells disgusting, and I'm redying my hair; but of course a lighter shade than the one I want. For anyone using this product, it will lighten your hair, I'm not sure how much, but there will definitely be a difference. Be prepared for the smell, and the damage is nothing a good conditioner can't fix. Good Luck.